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Pulse Processing: Jayshree has solved the biggest problem of the farmers of Latur district of Maharasthra, often known as ‘Bowl of Pulses’

Apart from processing pulses, she also operates Vermicompost Unit, Poultry Unit and Nutritional Garden


Lentils or pulses are the best source of protein. It is rich in many nutrients. That is why for years there is a tradition of eating dal-rice, lentil-roti together in our country. The Latur district of Maharashtra is ahead in the production of pulses. Latur district is the largest producer of tur in the country. That’s why it is also called ‘bowl of pulses’. However, the farmers here sell the raw grains at a very low price, which does not help them make any profit.

There are pulse mills in the district near the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation area, which does not benefit the villagers. To solve this problem, Jayshree Kolate Patil started his own Mini Dal Mill. In such a situation, the woman farmer of Latur district, Jayshree Kolate Patil, not only improved her economic condition by setting up a mini pulse mill/pulse processing unit, but also encouraged other farmers to take up pulses processing.

Proper training is the key to success  

Jayshree Kolate Patil participated in skill development training program organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra for self-help groups, women farmers and rural youth in 2014-15. After this, in April 2015, she established a mini pulse processing unit. Apart from this, she is also running Vermicompost Unit, Poultry Unit and Nutritional Garden under the guidance of Krishi Vigyan Kendra. This greatly improved their social and economic status. She formulated her marketing strategy by creating a brand called ‘Single Horse’.

Pulse Processing
Image Credit: agricoop

How much is the income? 

As of today, Jayshree Kolate Patil is earning an annual income of Rs 7-8 lakh. About Rs 3 lakh is being earned from selling the crop, Rs 3.24 lakh is being earned from the mini pulse mill. Apart from this, 60 thousand rupees are being earned from poultry unit, 5 thousand rupees from vermicompost production. She uses the vegetables grown in the nutrition garden for herself and sells the rest of the vegetables, earning an annual income of around Rs 20,000.

Pulse Processing
Image Credit: agricoop

An inspiration for farmers

Jayshree Kolate Patil has become an inspiration for the farmers of Latur district. Many farmers visited their units to start their enterprise. Jayshree Patil is also training other farmers by organizing vocational training programs on pulse processing. The market price of red gram and Bengal gram for farmers has increased due to pulse processing activities. Day by day the sale of produced pulses is increasing. So she started a sales counter at Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti, Latur for large scale sale of the produced pulses. Four more people work with Jayshree. These people look after the work of her farm and enterprise like pulse mill and poultry unit throughout the year. Like Jayshree Patil, other farmers can also earn handsomely from processing pulses instead of selling them as raw grains.  

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