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Adopt Azolla to get better income from Kadaknath Poultry Farming

As the heat increases, the growth of chickens slows down because they eat less food and drink more water. Or rather, chickens need more energy to cope with the temperature change. This can be compensated only by a diet rich in protein, amino acids, and mineral salts, which is also cheap. Azolla fulfills all these conditions as a feed for Kadaknath poultry.

Automatic Solar Light Trap: How to protect crops from pests?

Farmers and companies are jointly promoting organic farming or natural farming in Uttarakhand. In such a situation, many such Agri-Equipment are being made by the companies, which will help the farmers and there will be no damage to the crops. One such Agri-Equipment is the Automatic Solar Light Trap.

How Light Pollution affects Agriculture in India?

It is a proven fact now that artificial light pollution interrupts with the cycle of the plant and have a significant impact on pollination and agriculture. Directly or indirectly, this interrupts with the farming of crops and its growth.

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