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Goat Farming: Poor rural women of Bihar become Pashu Sakhi

Vaccination and de-worming of goats reduced mortality


Goat farming business has emerged as a ray of hope for small and marginal farmers as well as unemployed women in rural areas as they become pashu sakhi. By adopting the scientific techniques of goat rearing, many women are climbing the ladder of success and are succeeding in giving a good life to their families. Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society has taken initiative on its behalf to promote goat farming and make people understand its correct technique and its benefits are also visible. The mortality rate of goats has decreased in rural areas, which has increased the profits of goat farmers. Initiatives taken by the Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society range from forming a group of goat farmers to the Pashu Sakhi model.

Goat producer groups 

In order to raise goat farmers properly and increase their profits, 40 families were organized and grouped at the village level. With this, the goat farmers will get the correct information related to the care and maintenance of the goat, due to which the goats were killed.

Animal sakhi model in Goat farming 

Local members of SHGs having experience in goat rearing are given 15 days training. These people are called Pashu Sakhi who help the goat farmers in many ways, such as – help in selection of breed of goats, selection of right goat for breeding, feeding of goats, living arrangements, vaccination, production of Azolla and Moringa Which can be given as fodder to goats and to inform the goat farmers about de-worming of goats as well as to give correct marketing information.

Goat Farming: Poor rural women of Bihar become Pashu Sakhi
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Other areas where goats help 

Apart from this, male and female goats are provided to the group of goat producers according to their geographical area so that they can breed them and further the business. Goats are mainly reared for milk and meat and to improve the quality of both, it is necessary to provide nutritious food to goats. In the initiative taken by Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society, goat farmers are given correct information about food management. Instead of grazing the goats in the open, they are told to provide the right amount of dry and green fodder at their residence and feed Azolla as well as Moringa leaves. Not only this, in case of any kind of problem, a meeting of the goat producers group is called to solve the problem. Small goat farmers have benefited from this.

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Benefits of initiative or intervention of Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society…

  • To provide health services to the goats, 1,445 animal sakhi were made. 
  • This intervention made it possible to reach out to 1.15 lakh goat producers in 18 states of Bihar.
  • Goat farmers were given the facility of vaccination and de-worming at their homes and 4,08,066 goats were vaccinated as well as 6,31,921 goats were de-wormed.
  • 10,779 Ajola pits, 11,552 scaffolding/shed construction, 44,739 feeders installed which became the main source of income for the cattle sakhis. Pashu Sakhis sold 1,07,712 kg of feed mix to goat farmers.
  • Goat sales centers were set up under community marketing system.

Pinky Devi, a resident of Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, is happy to be a cattle friend, as she is now earning good income from goat rearing. Another woman, Tinku Devi’s life also changed after she became a Pashu Sakhi. She is supporting the family by becoming self-reliant.  

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