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Floriculture: Tuberose and Gladiolus flowers in the sugarcane belt

If you want to get 10 to 15 times the price compared to the cost, then choose the way of expensive flower farming.


The cultivation of flowers is called cash crops because they get a high and quick price in the market. Although roses and marigolds are more popular in terms of floriculture, the prices of foreign flowers like tuberose and gladiolus are very good in the market because they are the favourites of flower decorators.


Tuberose Season, Cost, and Price 

Tuberose seeds are sown at the onset of summer i.e. March. Its flowers are available throughout the year. It’s one seed costs about one rupee. The cost per acre of tuberose cultivation is around Rs 35,000. While its flowers are sold in the market for 4 to 5 lakh rupees.


Season, Cost, and Price of Gladiolus 

The favorable time for sowing gladiolus seeds is the onset of monsoon i.e. July. Its flowers are also available throughout the year. Its seeds are imported from Holland, because they give a good yield. Its one seed costs around Rs.2. The cost of gladiolus cultivation per acre is 60 to 70 thousand rupees. Its produce fetches 8-10% profit in the market. 

Maroof is a specialized flower grower 

Young and progressive farmer Maroof Alam Khan, a resident of Mohalla Bilochian, Gadhipukhta town of Shamli district, Uttar Pradesh, has been cultivating many colorful flowers like tuberose and gladiolus on his ancestral land for nearly 21 years. Maroof cultivates flowers on two-thirds of his 90 bighas of land. He was probably in love with flowers since childhood, but once he also brought some of his flowers to a flower show in the district. There he got such a hit that he took the path of doing flower farming on a commercial scale.


After the initial difficulties, Maroof collected such a name and respect from his flowers that he became an example. Maroof wants more and more youth to take up floriculture and earn a name in the world. He told that Rajnigandha and Gladiolus flowers adorn places like Rashtrapati Bhavan and Parliament. They are in great demand in Dehradun, Chandigarh, and Patiala. Apart from weddings, ceremonies and parties, they are also widely used in making bouquets. 

Floriculture in Sugarcane Belt 

Maroof says that our area is a sugarcane dominated area. Most of the farmers here cultivate sugarcane, as their produce is sold to the nearby sugar mills. But sugarcane earns about 45 thousand rupees per acre in a year. This amount is also available only after a year. While selling flowers in Delhi’s Ghazipur mandi, they get instant price. He told that he also gives employment to 25 to 30 people for all the work in flower farming, from sowing, weeding and irrigation to plucking flowers and sending them in bundles to the market.

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