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Success Mantra for automatic soya milk plant

Soya milk is very popular among health conscious people


Soybean is one such crop that is always in demand. Interestingly, its supply is less than the demand. Apart from being a protein-rich soybean pulse crop, oil and soymilk are also made from it. Through processing, many products are made from it, which are very popular among the people. Soybean is very beneficial for health, so its demand is very high, especially among urban people. The people who want to keep themselves fit by exercising, prefer to drink soymilk instead of cow and buffalo milk because it does not contain fat. Thus, the demand for soymilk is also increasing day by day. If you are thinking of producing soymilk, then you can double your income by setting up an automatic soymilk plant.

Automatic Soymilk Plant
Image Credit: ICAR

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What is soymilk?

Soymilk is the juice extracted from soybeans. To produce it, fine grains of soya are separated and soaked in water. The water mixed with soy is then cooked over a fire to inactivate inhibitors such as lipoxygenase and trypsin. After cooking it becomes milk. This milk is considered very beneficial in weight loss, is preferred by health-conscious people.

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Features of Soymilk Plant

Instead of producing soymilk from traditional methods, the milk plant developed by ICAR produces more milk in less time. The usage of technology doubles the profit.  It has been developed by ICAR- Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal in association with M/s Royal Plant Services, Delhi. This automatic machine can prepare 100 liters of milk in an hour. The Soymilk Plant is engaged in the soya pod filling and grinding unit. Apart from this, there is a storage tank and a boiler unit. It also has a cooker, separator, pneumatic tofu press, and control panel. The grinding system of this plant consists of a top hopper, feeder control plate, bottom hopper, and grinder. The soy mixture from the mill is collected in a storage tank and then sent to the cooker, where it ripens.

Automatic Soymilk Plant
Soya milk Plant. Image Credit: ICAR

How much profit is expected to increase?

How profitable it can be to set up a soya plant can be estimated from the increased profits of an entrepreneur. M/s Shree Shyam Kali Enterprises of Kamre area of Ranchi has set up an automatic soymilk plant from which they prepare soymilk and tofu (a kind of cheese).

Every other day he makes 70 liters of milk and 10 kg of tofu. They make a net profit of Rs 2,73,000 (Rupees two lakh seventy-three thousand) annually from soymilk and Rs 3,18,500 (Rs three lakh eighteen thousand five hundred) and making tofu. Thus, made a total profit of Rs 5, 91,500 (five lakh ninety-one thousand five hundred rupees). Similarly, M/s Agro Soya Milk Organic Plant Gambabol in the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab also got this plant installed.

In this, about 100 liters of soy milk and 60 kg of tofu are produced every other day. It has an income of Rs 13,10,400 (Thirteen lakh ten thousand four hundred rupees) annually. Similarly, M/s Manthan Soya Products of Rajasthan has installed this plant and it is producing 50 liters of milk and 25 kg of tofu every other day. It is making a profit of Rs 4,95,000 (four lakh ninety-five thousand rupees) annually. The automatic soymilk plant is not only increasing profits but is also providing employment to many people.

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