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Horse Rearing: Country’s first Private Equine Semen Laboratory

Stallion sperm will meet good quality horses.


Equine Semen Lab Pune (Equine Semen Laboratory) |  Like other animal breeders, horse breeders also want their mares to give birth to good breed foals, but the horse used for breeding doesn’t need to be good. Be of the same breed. In such a situation, by inseminating mares with the sperm of stallion (male horse which is used for breeding), good breed horse children can be obtained.

But the problem is that stallion sperm is not readily available. To overcome this problem, Pune’s Equine Breeder (horse breeder) established India’s first Equine Semen Laboratory, i.e., Horse Semen Laboratory.

Horse semen is supplied all over India

Strong and agile horses are used in sports like polo, they are of good breed. All horse breeders want their horses and foals to be born strong and attractive. That’s why nowadays, they use artificial insemination techniques, and stallion sperm is used a lot for this work.

This horse is considered to be of good breed and best for breeding. But not all horse breeders get stallion sperm easily. To overcome this problem, Pune’s Ranjit Kher established the country’s first Equine Semen Laboratory. It supplies stallion-frozen semen all over the country. He established this lab in collaboration with ICAR-NRCE.

Equine Semen Laboratory
Image Credit: ICAR

Technology purchased from ICAR

Ranjit Kher and his team took technical training related to this before starting the Horse semen laboratory. He also received training in stallion semen collection as well as cryopreservation techniques. Thereafter he procured two technologies namely “Semen collection and cryopreservation in indigenous horses” and “Adapted AV for semen collection from stallions” from ICAR-National Research Center on Equines, Bikaner. This technique was developed by Dr. TR Talluri, Dr. Yash Pal, and Dr. RA Legha.

Hitech Lab

Ranjit Kher built a hi-tech lab for semen collection and cryopreservation for stallions in Pune city of Maharashtra with the help of scientific and technical inputs from ICAR-NRCE. He and his team collected the semen of stallions from individual horse breeders across the country. Inseminated mares with frozen semen and successfully preserved over 1000 straws of stallion sperm.

The foal was successfully born with the help of frozen sperm technique, which proves that this technique is very effective.

Equine Semen Laboratory
Image Credit: ICAR

Within a short span of time, Ranjit Kher has established himself as an entrepreneur selling Frozen Semen Dose. In today’s date, he has become a source of inspiration for other youths. Looking at the rapid decrease in the number of horses across the country, it can be said that it is the need of the hour to produce more and more foals through artificial insemination of mare. In this work, Equine Semen Lab Pune will prove to be very helpful.

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