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Agri-Business model of Organic Farming set up in Ranikhet

Growing trend among farmers towards organic farming


Be it organic farming, natural farming, modern farming, or agri-business model implementations, Kisan of India has been bringing you the stories of farming from different corners of the country. Recently I reached Uttarakhand with my team. My visit to Uttarakhand lasted for two to three days.

On the first day, I reached Ranikhet, the beautiful hill station in the Almora district. There I met Manoj Bhatt, a progressive farmer. With a prior appointment, I met him, and he talked in length about his farming journey.

It was 2009 when Mano decided to pursue agriculture as his profession. He lacked resources and his income was so little that he was unable to meet his day-to-day basic needs. With hard work and knowledge, he has been able to change his economic condition. He cultivates many crops in 10 nali land (1 nali = 2190 square feet). He is a successful entrepreneur in his area.

Established Agri-Business Model of Organic Farming

Manoj has created a highly commendable agri-business model for organic farming. He runs a firm named ‘Arogya Uttarakhand Food Sansthan’. This institute promotes women empowerment and has connected more than 550 women farmers from 22 surrounding villages in his business.

The organic products are prepared by purchasing the produce from women farmers and processing them. These organic products are sold under the brand ‘Arogya’. All these produce are procured from PGS-certified farmers of Uttarakhand.

जैविक खेती
Agri-Business model of Organic Farming
Good demand for Buransh tea

The products which are made under the Arogya brand are in demand in many big cities of the country. Many products are prepared like tea leaves from stinging nettle, Buransh tea, and juice, Munsiyari kidney beans, red rice, cold press oil, black sesame oil, and golden turmeric powder.

He showed us all his products in detail. After that, we headed to his fields. He showed us his many crops including radish, mustard, coriander, and garlic. We also tasted the burdock tea prepared by him.

Buransh is the state tree of Uttarakhand and many farmers cultivate it in the region. For marketing the product he also has a license from FSSA, also known as the ‘Food License’. This license is necessary to run any food-related business in India because this license certifies that the food product satisfies the food standards set by the Government of India.

Agri-Business model of Organic Farming
Organic Products under the Brand name “AROGYA”
Women Joined Hands

Manoj says that his agri-business model has given employment to many women in the area. Today women are self-dependent and are paid the right price for their produce. They do not have to find a market for their produce, nor need to go to any other place.

You can check the video of this entire conversation with Manoj Bhatt on the YouTube channel of Farmers of India and on Facebook.

Left Private Job and Adopted farming

After covering the story of Manoj Bhatt, we left for Bhimtal the same night, as our next stop was Alchouna village in Bhimtal. I met Anand Mani Bhatt.

Anand Mani Bhatt is a progressive farmer from village Alchouna in Bhimtal district of Nainital district. He comes from a farmer family and is an M.Com pass. He did a job in the private sector for many years, but from the very beginning, his attachment was to agriculture. He left his job and entered agriculture in the year 2013.

Today, Anand cultivates on one acre and grows many vegetables like peas, tomatoes, cauliflower, beans, and black potatoes.

Organic Farming in Uttarakhand
Organic Farming in Uttarakhand
More than 70% farmers have turned to organic farming

Manoj Bhatt has taken concrete measures for water management in his area. He has built many water tanks and has installed a drip irrigation system.

Today, inspired by his efforts, more than 70% farmers of the village have adopted organic farming. Youth come from far and wide to learn the effective ways of farming, and even scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra also keep visiting his farm.

He showed us the thriving crops of his fields and took us from vermicompost units to organic pesticides and fertilizers units.

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Organic Farming
Organic Farming in Uttarakhand

Do you want to know the ingredients to make organic manure? You will see the process in a video on our social media channel. At last, he showed us the famous Badri cows of the mountainous region.

The cost of  250 grams Ghee of Badri cow is around Rs.350. Ghee of this cow is considered very good for health. Last but not the least, he treated us with the buttermilk of fresh cow milk, and we relished it till its last drop.

Organic Farming

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