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How and where to invest in beekeeping business?

BTech degree holder Nimit Singh chose beekeeping as a startup


In a special conversation with Kisan of India, Nimit Singh gave detailed information about the beekeeping business. Also, what is Comb Honey, what are its benefits, how much it gets in the market, and much more.

Beekeeping is a very old business and farmers have been earning income by extracting honey from the beehives for centuries. In today’s time the scope of beekeeping business has become very big. Farmers are making good income in this present era by adopting new technologies in beekeeping business. Nimit Singh of Lucknow is one such youth. Nimit had the option of doing a job after studying B.Tech, but in 2013 he started Beekeeping. Today he is a successful beekeeper. By adapting this business to modernity, he is earning many times more income than normal beekeeping. In a special conversation with Farmer of India, Nimit Singh gave detailed information about this business.

Nimit Singh says that beekeeping can be practiced  the best from October to March. This is because during these months it is easier for bees to find pollinating flower crops, due to which the bees produce honey. After this, the boxes have to be taken to an area where the bees can get pollinated, that is, they can be kept with flowers. Their life cycle goes like this. Also good quality honey is also available.


Multi product production from beekeeping 

Nimit Singh has set up a modern unit of honey packing for good retail marketing of honey. Many other beekeepers are also associated with him. Many products related to honey are prepared in this modern unit. For this, many modern machines have been installed in the unit. Nimit has about 1200 honey boxes. He earns about 10 thousand from one honey box. That is, Nimit earns about 12 lakhs in a year from his 1200 boxes. In addition to honey produced by beekeeping, royal jelly production also produces beeswax. In fact, after extracting honey on a large scale, Nimit does not get as much profit in bulk. For this, he emphasizes on creating new products. They test the quality of honey and the amount of ingredients present in it in their own lab and then make a variety of products by adding value to it.

Modern Labs for Quality Honey Production 

Nimit runs a lab equipped with modern equipments to produce good quality honey. In this modern lab, honey is first stored in a drum. Machine is available for packing limited quantity. For capping the cartons screw punch machines are used. The amount of elements present in the honey coming from the field is checked with a spectrophotometer. Apart from this, the pH meter is used to find out which crop or flower, honey belongs to. That is, the pH value of that honey should match that particular crop or flower.


High Demand for Comb Honey 

To get maximum income from beekeeping, Nimit Comb also produces honey flower frames and half frames. You must be thinking that what is this new type of honey? Nimit briefs us that his ancestors used to eat honey only with the honeycomb, which was filled with honey. Nimit shares that the real and pure form of honey is comb honey.

Comb honey is eight to ten times more delicious and nutritious than ordinary honey. Nowadays, the practice of Comb Honey has increased in big hotels, which people eat directly by applying it on bread or toast. Comb honey tastes like chewing gum. Comb Honey is easily sold in the market for Rs 500 to 1000 per kg. Bees take about three months to prepare the flower frame comb honey. Due to this the market price is very high.

Nimit Singh says that if someone wants to adopt this business then there is no need for special infrastructure. Youth can start beekeeping business by taking training for 20 to 25 thousand rupees.

Making women financially prosperous by wax lamps 

Nimit Singh has created employment opportunities in his area through beekeeping business. Poor women of Chainpurwa village of Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh have been associated with the product of beekeeping. These women make lamps out of wax. He remembers that these women were associated with the business of illegal liquor. Today all of them are joining the group and making lamps with wax. Diyas made by them are also sold on stalls. In the Deepotsav program of Ayodhya this time, these women had made and sold eight lakh diyas.

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Governor honoured  

Due to the works of Nimit Singh, industrial activities in the surrounding area are having a good impact. For this commendable contribution,  he has been honoured by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Anandiben Patel.

Nimit Singh is an expert in adapting his business with changing times, who know how to use modern technology to increase profits in the business. Nimit Singh is an example for such youth, who, before entering into a business, start considering the scope of its profit as limited.

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