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50 thousand rupees profit per acre in Cucumber Farming

Cucumber cultivation in polyhouse gives more than double income


Cucumber is one such vegetable, which also has the respect of seasonal fruit. It is also not as expensive as other fruits, because cucumber is cultivated on a large scale. It has many names in India. It is called Kakadi in Marathi, Kakdi in Bengal, Taar in Punjab, Kakarikari in Malayalam, Dokakaya in Telugu.

Its botanical name is Cucumis Sativus. By the way, whatever its name may be, wherever it is grown, but if there is a cucumber, then it is a ‘box of virtues’. That’s why it is used extensively in salads, raitas, sandwiches, juices and soups. Apart from this, cucumber is also considered a great beauty product, as it has been shown to be useful in curing many skin related disorders.

50 thousand rupees profit per acre in Cucumber Farming
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How to earn from cucumber cultivation? 

Cucumber is considered to be a high yielding product at low cost. On an average, about 70 quintals of cucumbers are produced at an average cost of Rs 50,000 per acre. Its price in the mandis ranges between 1000 to 2000 rupees per quintal. Therefore, even if the average price of Rs 1500 per quintal is considered, then the crop above Rs 1 lakh per acre is sold. Obviously, the income of Rs 50,000 per acre attracts ordinary farmers towards the cultivation of cucumber.

Cucumber Cultivation Season 

Compared to open fields, if cucumber is cultivated in polyhouse, then the profit is doubled, because in polyhouse cucumber cultivation can be done throughout the year. Whereas the climate of 15-30 degree celsius temperature is very favourable for the cultivation of cucumber in open fields. In most parts of the country, this temperature occurs in March-April. That is why this month is the best for sowing cucumbers. The cost of cucumber is low in fertile soils, whereas the cost of fertilizers etc. increases for good yield in less fertile soils.

50 thousand rupees profit per acre in Cucumber Farming
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Monthly regular earnings 

Cucumber seeds germinate quickly and grow like a creeper or a vine. That is why farmers have to take additional measures to take care of the vine. It takes two to three weeks for cucumber plants to flower. Then this is the time it takes for the cucumbers to mature. Overall, cucumber harvest starts about two months after sowing. The flowers of cucumber keep on blooming for months and turning into fruit, that is why the farmers get constant income by plucking it every week.

How to irrigate cucumber cultivation? 

Cucumber loves regular light irrigation. As the weather warms up after sowing, the cucumber crop needs more irrigation. If regular irrigation is arranged, the farmers keep earning from cucumber till September. The use of drip irrigation is very helpful in reducing the cost of irrigation. Cucumber cultivation in winter becomes difficult to maintain in open fields because of the increase of winter moisture or dark spots on cucumber during foggy weather. This does not help in getting a good price for the produce. 

How is cucumber beneficial for health? 

Cucumbers are an excellent source of fibre, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C. Hence it is included regularly in the diet. Cucumber contains up to 95 percent water. That is why it is considered very beneficial to prevent dehydration. This is the biggest reason for the increase in the demand and consumption of cucumber in summer. While vitamin ‘A’ found in cucumber is very beneficial for the eyes, due to vitamin ‘C’, the body’s immunity is better.

Bones get the necessary nutrition from the calcium found in cucumber. Fibre and folic acid are helpful in flushing out harmful substances from the body. Cucumber contains the enzyme erapsin, which is very useful in the digestion of proteins. Cucumber is also considered very good for diabetic or diabetic patients because it is helpful in controlling the amount of sugar in the blood. Similarly, cucumber is also a very suitable diet for high blood pressure patients.

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Anti-cancer cucumber

The bitter element found in cucumber is called ‘cucurbitacins’. Although this element is scattered throughout the cucumber in normal quantity, but in some cucumbers it is in excess. Such cucumbers are difficult to eat, that is why, to reduce and eliminate its bitter taste, cut the upper end (mouth) of the cucumber and put a little salt in it and rub it with each other for a while, the extra amount of ‘cucurbitacins’ gets collected in the form of foam. . After removing this part of the foam, the amount of it that is scattered in the cucumber, it acts as an anti-cancer. These elements inhibit the growth of unwanted tumours and increase the body’s cancer resistance. 

50 thousand rupees profit per acre in Cucumber Farming
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Apart from food, cucumber is also in great demand and consumption in the herbal and pharma sector. In the form of home remedies, many beauty products are made using cucumber juice. By cutting slices of cucumber and placing them on the pupils, the dark spots formed under the eyes gradually fade away. Cucumber juice is also considered very useful in reducing acne and scars. To maintain the moisture of the face and to improve the skin, it is highly recommended by the doctors to use cucumber a lot. 

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