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Prevention from Thanela Disease is necessary to earn profit from Goat Farming Business

Know the symptoms of Thanela disease in goats


Goats are called the ATM of rural India. Along with this, many have adopted goat rearing commercially in the cities. Many youths have created self-employment by adopting modern methods of goat rearing. Along with this, opportunities have also been created to employ many.

Thanela disease, also known as mastitis, is caused by many bacteria like viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and mycoplasma. These bacteria enter the body through udders in animals. That’s why it is called Thanela disease. If it is not treated in time, then the ability of animals to give milk is reduced or completely lost. The animal’s parents must know about its symptoms and prevention methods to treat this disease.

Identification of Thanela Disease

Thanela disease in goats can be identified based on its symptoms. When suffering from this disease, the color of goats’ milk starts changing. There is less milk, change in taste, swelling, redness in the udder, high skin temperature over the udder, loss of appetite, and lagging are many other symptoms.

Thanela Disease
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How does the Disease Spread?

Sometimes infection occurs in the respiratory tract of lambs. In such a situation, when they drink milk, the infection enters the udders. Also, due to injury or wound in the udder, bacteria can enter the udder and spread the infection. If there is any change in the food and drink of the goats or the rearing, then infection can also occur. Also, if they do not get a balanced diet, their immunity decreases.

Ways to prevent Thanela Disease

Animal rearers can try these measures suggested by ICAR to protect goats from Thanela disease. We are mentioning these measures below:

Use of strip cup– To check for Thanela disease, the initial milk of animals is poured over the strip cup. If some part remains on the mesh of the cup, then it is understood that Thanela is a disease.

Use of pre teat cup- Before milking goats, the udders should be milked after washing them with one percent potassium permanganate solution and wiping them with a clean cloth.

Use of post teat dip cup- clean the hands thoroughly before milking and remove the milk of an animal affected by Thanela disease last. After milking, apply a solution of glycerin and betadine 1 and 5 on the udder. Apply this solution only on the place where milk comes out.

Thanela Disease
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Things to keep in Mind

  • Sick goat kids should be kept away from healthy animals.
  • Keep the place and surroundings of the goats clean.
  • His house should be well ventilated.
  • The floor should be dry and clean.
  • Clean the udder thoroughly daily.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after milking an animal.
  • Keep checking the udders of the animal from time to time. Contact a veterinarian immediately if you notice any lumps or clots in the milk.

Treatment of Thanela disease is very expensive and it affects milk production a lot, due to which the cattle rearers have to suffer huge losses, so it is necessary to adopt preventive measures.

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