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Value Addition Of Spices: A Profit Deal for Kanpur Woman, Becomes A Successful Entrepreneur By Selling Spices

Improvement in the economic condition by selling spices by value addition


India is at the forefront of the whole world in terms of spice production. Not only this, The consumption of spices is also highest here. The specialty of Indian spices is that they not only enhance the taste, but are also beneficial for health. Consuming these spices in balanced quantity is also good for health.

Do you know that Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer and exporter of spices in our country. India’s’ fascination for spices will never diminish and now Indian spices are being liked a lot in foreign countries as well. In such a situation, there is full potential for the spice industry to flourish. Om Shree, a woman from Kurian Purva village, Kanpur, has not only improved her social and economic status due to the value addition of spices, but has also become a successful entrepreneur. How she started the value addition of spices, know in this article.

Value Addition Of Spices
Kanpur Spices.  Image Credit: KVK & unsplash

Value addition of spices started after training 

Om Shree took training on value addition from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kanpur Dehat in 2010. After which he decided to do business of value added processed spices. To start her venture, she first bought a small spice grinding machine in 2012 for Rs 21,000. She also bought an old engine worth Rs 12,000. For this she took loan from self help group. She first started grinding wheat and packing it. Along with this, she also used to grind the wheat of other people of the village.  

spices value of addition
Kanpur Spices. Image Credit: unsplash

Spice business flourished 

In 2015, she started grinding and packing spices. She mainly started grinding and selling turmeric, coriander and chillies. For this work she bought a new grinding mill (spice grinding machine) for Rs 45,000 and an old rice grinding machine for Rs 9000. She bought a bigger engine for Rs 40,000 as well. She started organic farming to run all the machines. Later, organic wheat flour started selling with the help of Krishi Vigyan Kendra. The scientists at KVK helped establish their link with the Nature Farming company that makes organic products. After this, she started selling her organic products along with Nature Farming. 

Success achieved with the help of KVK 

Along with training, KVK also helped Om Shree in selling the products. She used to sell her products on commission basis in the local market earlier with the help of the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Later KVK told Nature Farming Company about Om Shree and the company agreed to award her the contract. Since then she sells her products to this company. 

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Value Addition Of Spices
Kanpur Spices. Image Credit: KVK

Improving economic condition 

Initially Om Shree invested Rs.33,000 in her venture. Within two years, she earned a profit of Rs 35,000 annually. In 2015 she made an investment of Rs 94,000 and made a profit of Rs.2,30,000 after deducting all the expenses. She buys raw chillies and coriander in season, dries them and then grinds them and sells them in packets.

Om Shree has been invited as a trainer in many programs of KVK after the success of her venture. Looking at the success of Om Shree, it can be said that value addition of spices is a good way to earn profit at low cost. 

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