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Dairy industry: If you want to increase milk production, then feed the animals ‘Harit Dhara’

'Harit Dhara' is an eco-friendly feed supplement for animals


Dairy industry is the main source of income for the youth in villages and small towns. For some time now many unemployed youth are earning by joining the dairy industry. It is also the main source of additional income for the farmers. Animal husbandry is also necessary for natural farming. That is, overall livestock has an important role in agriculture.

Dairy Farming : If you want to increase milk production, then feed the animals 'Harit Dhara’
Image Credit: icar

What is ‘Harit Dhara’?

The main source of income in the dairy industry is milk and milk products. In order to increase milk production, dairy owners feed the animals with green fodder and grains as well as various types of fodder available in the market. Due to this, methane gas is formed in animals, which is not good for both their health and the environment. To solve this problem, ICAR, Bangalore has developed a special feed supplement for animals, which will reduce the emission of methane gas in animals. This supplement has been named, ‘Harit Dhara’. 

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Benefits of ‘Harit Dhara’ 

  • By feeding this supplement, milk production will increase from 0.4 to 0.5 kg.
  • It can be fed to cow, buffalo and sheep. 
  • Feeding it will help reduce methane gas emissions in animals by 17 to 20%. 
  • By feeding it, the digestion of animals will be fine and its health will also be good. 
  • Tannin-rich plants and other natural sources have been used in the preparation of this feed supplement. 
  • ‘Harit Dhara’ is an anti-methanogenic feed supplement prepared from natural phyto-sources. 

Global warming threat from methane gas 

According to a research, methane gas produced by animals is 50-100% more than in industrialized countries. Methane gas increases global warming by producing greenhouse gases. In such a situation, feeding ‘Harit Dhara’ to animals will reduce the emission of methane gas, which can reduce global warming to some extent.

In order to increase milk production and keep animals healthy, along with grain bran and agricultural residues, other nutrients are also fed, such as cake of mustard, sesame, groundnut, linseed and cottonseed etc. Harit Dhara is also an eco-friendly feed supplement that comes under this category, which is helpful in increasing milk production along with taking care of the overall health of the animals. 

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