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Advanced seeds, scientific techniques for vegetables

Mangal Oraon used to grow one crop throughout the year, became a successful farmer due to modern technology, Helped by mulching and drip irrigation


Cultivation of Vegetables | Mangal Oraon, a resident of Murum village in Ranchi, is a small farmer who used to do traditional farming on his 1.5 acres of land earlier. He used to grow paddy only during the rainy season and the rest of the time he used to earn his living by working as a laborer in the nearby town. But the earning from this was so low that it was difficult to meet the expenses of the family. Mangal Oraon had no knowledge of advanced  seeds and techniques of farming, high yielding seeds etc. That’s why they didn’t get any special income from the cultivation of crops and vegetables. But scientific technology changed his life.

Advanced seeds
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Changes due to exposure to ATMA 

During the year 2012-13, with the help of ATMA, Ranchi, he started farming on a small piece of land. After this, his interest in agriculture started increasing and he started taking advice from Block Technology Manager (BTM) continuously. Collected information about the advanced seeds and cultivation of vegetables. After a few days, he realized that farming is more profitable than working as a labourer. Then he started farming completely and gradually his profits also increased. To enhance his skills and knowledge he visited BAU, Kanke, Ranchi, HARP, Plandu, Ranchi and farms of some progressive farmers. He was told about various information and techniques about farming and his interest in farming started increasing. Now they know about new hybrid varieties of crops and different vegetables. He used all the new technology and information in his farming and his profits started increasing. Even though they have less land, their products are sold in Jharkhand, Bengal etc. Even Reliance Industries has bought their products.

Advanced seeds
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Drip irrigation technique proved effective in vegetable cultivation 

In 2018-19, she met CFA Trainee (Vegetable) Pradeep Kumar. He gave Mangal Oraon more information about vegetable cultivation and how he could make more profit. He adopted drip irrigation and mulching techniques. Drip irrigation technology was no less than a boon for Mangal Oraon, as he was short of water. In such a situation, thanks to drip irrigation, he now grows vegetables throughout the year. He produces high quality tomato, brinjal, chilli, cauliflower, cabbage, beans etc.

Advanced seeds
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Use of mulching in vegetable cultivation 

Mangal Oraon is also using plastic for mulching in beans crop as well as watermelon, tomato etc. He is also growing vegetables like bottle gourd, pumpkin and bitter gourd with advanced seeds. Mangal Oraon’s achievement is commendable because he has achieved success in farming very quickly by adopting scientific techniques and innovations.

Now apart from his 1.5 acre land, he is doing farming by taking 2 acres of land on lease. By adopting modern technology, he saved water, fertilizers and labor, which reduced the cost of cultivation. They also have two-stage compost units. He uses dolomite in his farm as the soil is acidic.

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Advanced seeds
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Buyers themselves 

When Mangal Oraon used to do small scale farming, he used to go to the local market to sell vegetables, but now that he has started growing vegetables on a large scale with other farmers, the vegetable traders themselves come to him for purchases. Their vegetables are of high quality. The cultivation of vegetables done with scientific techniques changed their fortunes.

Other farmers of the area have also been inspired by the success of Mangal Oraon. Mangal Oraon proved that good income can be earned from farming by adopting multiple crops and scientific techniques. 

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