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Best Out Of Waste from Parali, creative use of agricultural waste

Many women of the village joined in this noble cause


Government has been worried for many years due to incidents of stubble burning in many states including Punjab, Haryana. Many steps have also been taken to solve this problem. Stubble burning in the capital Delhi is considered responsible for the problem of pollution. In paddy harvesting, the upper part of the crop is cut off, but its roots remain in the ground. For the farmers, it is agricultural waste, that is, it is of no use to them. These residues are called stubble. When farmers have to clear the fields for sowing the next crop, they set the dry stubble on fire. Farmers call it their compulsion to burn stubble. The government is also working on its many options. Even at the state level, some people are taking steps to solve this problem. One of them is Sunita Kumari, a resident of Bihar. Sunita has made excellent and creative use of paddy straw, which is considered useless.

Best Out Of Waste
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People made fun of her 

When you do something out of the box, it is obvious that people make fun of you. The same happened with Sunita. Sunita, 36, is a graduate and has 0.2 hectares of cultivable land. Initially, when she thought of making artistic things out of paddy straw, people made fun of her saying that she was wasting her time. But this did not deter Sunita and she continued her work. Today the situation is that he has been honored with many awards.

Best Out Of Waste
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Decorating the walls with best out of waste 

Something that you throw away considering it useless, but if someone makes a beautiful decorative piece from the same useless thing, then surely you will be surprised, won’t you! Sunita Kumari of Tehta village of Jehanabad district of Bihar has done something similar. Through her creativity and the art of fine art, Sunita makes beautiful wall decorative items and scenery from straw.

How to make Decorative Items? 

Firstly the paddy straw is made wide by pressing it well. Then paddy straw is pasted on the picture made on the frame and then it is cut according to the shape. In this way wall hanging scenery is prepared from paddy straw.

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beneficial for women

For women in rural areas, this type of work can be very profitable and provide them employment. Since, paddy straw is easily available, women can earn well by making artistic items out of it. The things Sunita makes cost very little to make. That’s why rural women can adopt it as a rural art.

How much does one earn from making best out of waste ?

It costs Rs 150 to make an 8×10 inch decorative frame, which she sells for Rs 300. It costs Rs 600 to make a 12×18 inch decorative item, which is sold for Rs 1400 in the market. Further, a frame of 18×24 inches costing Rs.1200 is sold for Rs.2500.

Best Out Of Waste from Parali, creative use of agricultural waste
Image Credit: agricoop

Beneficial to the environment 

Agricultural scientists believe that by using paddy straw in this way, not only will women get an opportunity to earn, but the environment will also be safe. Instead of burning paddy straw, it can be used for many other things. Best out of waste can be like-

  • Paddy straw is used to prepare straw for mushroom cultivation.
  • According to experts, instead of burning paddy straw, it can be used as animal fodder.
  • Paddy straw can also be put to good use by making compost.
  • It can also be used as fuel in power houses.
  • According to agricultural experts, leaving the straw in the field without burning it maintains the moisture of the field. Straw gets composted, making the soil more fertile.
  • If you also want to earn some extra money along with saving the environment, then instead of burning the stubble, make good use of it.


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