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Farmers can earn good profits by cultivating these food products

Plenty of demand for nutritious food will give a boost to farmers' income


The demand for organic vegetables has increased a lot in the market right now. Cultivation of many such nutritious food can increase the income of farmers manifold.

Nowadays most of the people are more conscious about their health. Consumers do not like to eat vegetables grown using excessive chemicals. This is the reason that the trend of organic farming is in full swing in the country. The crop grown through organic farming is not only good in terms of health, but farmers can also earn good money from it. The demand for organic vegetables has increased a lot in the market right now. We are going to mention such organic vegetables in this article, which can increase the income of farmers manifold.

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These vegetables can increase profits manifold 

Green vegetables come first in the cultivation of nutritious food. The consumption of green vegetables has increased due to corona. The major green leafy vegetables grown in the country are fenugreek, spinach and amaranth. They are better both in terms of taste and health. Many nutrients including protein, vitamins, iron, calcium are found in them. Green-leafy vegetables are rich in nutrition and they are also low in calories.

If we talk about fenugreek, then its yield of green leaves is about 70 to 80 quintals per hectare. The price of leafy fenugreek in the general market ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 per quintal. At the same time, its other improved varieties can be sold in the market for Rs 3000 to 3500 per quintal. On the other hand, spinach is one such vegetable, which is the best source of iron. Its crop is ready in three to four weeks. Farmers can get good profit by cultivating it. One acre of spinach can also make a profit of about 40 thousand. However, due to volatility in the market, its price keeps on fluctuating.

nutritious food
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Big earning with low capital in poultry farming 

Similarly, there is a lot of demand for eggs in the market. India comes fourth in egg production in the world. Keeping in view the increasing demand for eggs, poultry farming is becoming a means of getting well-earned employment. The two poultry industry accounts for two percent of the country’s GDP. According to one statistics, 300 million eggs are produced daily in the country.

The cost of chicken weighing 1250 grams is Rs 110, the cost of chicken weighing 1400 grams is Rs 85, while the cost of chicken up to 900 grams of weight is Rs 65 per kg. The cost of eggs is around Rs 400 per hundred eggs. In such a situation, poultry farming is proving to be a better way to earn big money in less capital. 

nutritious food
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Beans cultivation is also a profitable deal 

Similarly, cultivation of beans can also become a source of good income. Farmers can produce 100 to 150 quintals per hectare from the bean crop. Its cultivation gives a yield of about 40 to 45 tonnes per acre. In such a situation, in just 6 to 7 months from its cultivation, about 15 lakh rupees can be earned per hectare. Talking about its health benefits, it is considered beneficial for diabetic patients.

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Increase in income from improved variety of broccoli 

Talking about broccoli, there is a lot of demand for this vegetable in hotels, restaurants, big malls. Farmers can earn 30 to 50 rupees per kg or more from its cultivation. Good production can be done by cultivating it in an improved way. A yield of 75 to 100 quintal per hectare can be given from simple varieties of broccoli and 120 to 180 quintal per hectare from improved varieties.

Iron, protein, carbohydrate, calcium, vitamin A and C are found in this green vegetable, which makes this vegetable nutritious. Apart from this, it also contains anti-oxidants, which help in fighting disease and many types of body infections. Apart from protecting against many diseases, it also reduces the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. 

nutritious food
food products

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Earning up to 60 thousand rupees in one acre 

Chia seeds are called ‘super food’ in foreign markets, which are very beneficial for health. In such a situation, farmers can earn more profit by cultivating chia seeds. About 4 to 5 kg of seeds is required for one acre for its cultivation. It gives a yield of 7 quintals per acre. It takes 90 to 120 days for its cultivation to be ready. Flowers appear in its crop within 40 to 50 days of planting.

The yield of 600 to 700 kg per acre is obtained from Chia crop. Its cultivation costs up to 30 thousand rupees per acre. If even 6 quintals are cultivated, then it is sold for about 90 thousand rupees. In such a situation, the farmer earns up to 60 thousand rupees in one acre.  


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