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Millets Farming: Rajasthan’s farmer Rawalchand Panchariya set up an Agri-Business Model by cultivating Millets

Rawalchand has invented a wide variety of crops.


Millets Farming | Millets like coarse grains, jowar, and bajra were once considered the food of people with low income. But given its health benefits and nutritional value, the government is cultivating millets and promoting eateries made from them. That is why many farmers of Rajasthan are now doing millet farming. They are even making and selling many nutritious and tasty products from them.

The cultivation of millets provides healthy options to the people, while the income of the farmers is also increasing. Jodhpur’s farmer Rawalchand Panchariya is also one of the farmers promoting millet products. He is growing millet and making value-added products out of it. Along with this, he is also successfully cultivating many other crops. The special thing is that he does organic farming.

Rawalchand Panchariya spoke with Kisan of India correspondent Deepika Joshi on many aspects related to value-added products and the cultivation of millets.

Millets Farming
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Increases Crop shelf life

The government has declared the year 2023 as the International Year of Millets. The cultivation of millet is being promoted so that healthy grains and products made from it reach a maximum number of people. Rawalchand Panchariya says that the Bajra, which comes in millet, its self-life in the form of flour is very less. That’s why he has prepared Bajra Porridge, which does not spoil for 6 months. Also, Bajra Laddoos last for 4 months, while Mathri lasts for 2 months and Namkeen for 3 months.

Millets Farming
Millets Product

Processing of Millet is Beneficial

Rawalchand says that along with growing the crop if its processing is done then the farmers will be more benefited. For value addition to various products, he has built a processing unit on his own farm, and all the products are manufactured there. Their products stand up to all government standards, and they bring them to the market only after testing. Their prepared products include- Bajra ke Ladoo, Bajra Kurkure, Mathri, Namkeen, and Biscuits. Amla Ladoos, syrup, candy, and pickles are also in good demand. Make lemon syrup, lemon pickle without oil, and tomato pickle. Along with this, they also make Desi Cow Ghee.

Millets Farming
Millets Product

Variety of Crops

The temperature is high in western Rajasthan that’s why Rawalchand Panchariya keeps on looking for such varieties which can give good production even with less water. He always try to grow new varieties. So far he has invented 5 varieties of sweet potato, 2 varieties of carrot and 3 varieties of onion. The specialty of his farming is that it is completely organic and for this he prepares all the necessary inputs, fertilizers etc. in his own farm.

Employment Opportunities

Rawalchand says that along with his family, people from 3 more families are also involved in the farming and processing unit. In addition, there are 10 women who come daily to make all the products. In this way, he is also giving employment to many people.

Millets Farming
Bajra Crunchy Kurkure

Message to Farmers

Rawalchand gives a message to his fellow farmers that they should sell the products themselves by adding value to the crop grown by cultivating their millets. This will make farmers successful. For example, if you are growing mustard, make oil and sell it, extract oil from groundnut. Millet was once called the grain of the people with low income, but now everyone wants to include it in their food after knowing its nutritional value.

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