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Moinuddin Siddiqui chose foreign floriculture, left advocacy and became the role model of farmers today

Millions of turnover from foreign floriculture


UP farmer Moinuddin Siddiqui is popular among farmers due to his cultivation of exotic flowers. The flowers of Moinuddin, a resident of Barabanki district, have remained the pride of the market of Delhi from the road of Lucknow. Moinuddin has also received respect from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kisan of India had a special conversation with the progressive farmer Moinuddin. Let us know what he said in this program.


How did you start floriculture by leaving advocacy? 

Progressive farmer Moinuddin told that he is very attached to his ancestral village Dafedar. He chose farming as his profession after completing his law studies from Lucknow. He first started traditional farming, but he did not get much benefit in farming. After this he left traditional farming and started floriculture.


How much does it cost to cultivate exotic flowers? 

Moinuddin said that the new farmer should start from a small place. He started floriculture with 1 acre of land. First started with the cultivation of gladiolus flower. At that time, he had spent up to one and a half lakh rupees. This cost comes to the farmer only once, as soon as we start floriculture, the seeds come and go with us. Every year the quantity of seeds we have increases. Hence the cost is reduced. This crop takes three months.

What should be taken care of in the cultivation of exotic flowers?  

Gladiolus is a seasonal flower. The right time for sowing these flowers is from 15th August to 15th November. We should keep in mind that when our flowers come out, then the time of weddings is going on, so that our flowers can be easily sold in the market. The field should be well plowed. After plowing it is necessary to make beds. If the plant emerges after 15 days, then weeding should be done well. Moinuddin further told that irrigation should be done in 10 to 12 days.

If the plant emerges, we should use the register site once within a month. The registration should be done after 15-15 days, due to which there is no disease in the plants. The flower turns out beautiful and healthy. Always keep in mind that if there is any disease in the plants, then treat it soon. For the cultivation of Gerbera, loamy soil should be used.


How much do exotic flowers get in the market? 

Moinuddin told about the flower market that a gladiolus flower costs 8 to 10 rupees during the wedding season. At the same time, the price of Gerbera flower remains between Rs 10 to 15. When there are no marriages, this flower starts selling for 3 to 4 rupees.

Took several thousand farmers along 

Moinuddin further said during the conversation that when he started cultivating exotic flowers, he was the only farmer in the entire Barabanki district. After some time farmers started joining them. Soon, 2000 to 2500 farmers of Barabanki joined them. Those farmers were not able to save money in farming earlier, today those farmers are able to save in lakhs of rupees.

Moinuddin set up UP’s first poly house 

Moinuddin said that the first polyhouse of the state was set up in 2009 to cultivate the exotic flower Gerbera of Holland. Moinuddin further told that he also gives training to farmers coming from different states of the country to cultivate flowers in polyhouses. Farmers from different states of the country come to him for training. Most of them are farmers from the state of Bihar.


Government helps in cultivating flowers in polyhouse

When we do gerbera cultivation in polyhouse, it costs about 60 lakh rupees in one acre polyhouse. 50 percent grant is received from the government. This cost also includes the cost of flower seeds and plants. Due to this small farmer can start with gladiolus floriculture. 

How to start small farmer cultivating exotic flowers? 

Small farmers should start with gladiolus floriculture. These flowers also grow in the open field. For this reason the farmer should start with these. Earning money from these flowers should move towards polyhouse.

Became head of the village 

Moinuddin told that when the whole village started cultivating flowers, everyone was working together. On the request of the villagers, he also worked as the village head for 10 years. 

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