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Bumper fish production in less space by Biofloc Fish Farming

No need of pond for Biofloc Fish Farming


In Biofloc Fish Farming, you can earn good income by taking bumper production of fish in less space. What is this technology? How much does it cost and what is the profit? Kisan of India team had a special conversation with Mukesh Kumar Sarang, Deputy Director of Fisheries Department, Vindhyachal Mandal Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.

If you want to start fish farming commercially, here is a novel way. Now, there will be no need to build a pond in a large area. By adopting the new technique of fish farming, Biofloc Fish Farming, you can earn a good income by producing large number of fishes in a very small space.

What is Biofloc technology? 

In this regard, Kisan of India spoke to Mukesh Kumar Sarang, Deputy Director of Fisheries Department, Vindhyachal Mandal Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.


biofloc fish farming

What is Biofloc fish farming? 

Fisheries expert Mukesh Kumar Sarang told that under Biofloc technology, fish are reared in tanks. It does not require digging a pond. Those who have less space, they can do fish farming with Biofloc technology.

Mukesh Kumar Sarang explains that in this technique, along with saving water, the fish food expenses are also minimised. Fishes exhale 75% of what they eat as waste. This waste remains under water. Biofloc technology is used to purify this waste.

The waste that fish expel is purified by bacteria. This bacteria converts fish faeces into protein. This protein is consumed by the fishes. In this way 1/3rd of the fish food is saved. If , for example, three sacks of fish feed are used in the pond, then using this technique only two sacks will be used.

Biofloc fish farming

Less space, More production in Biofloc fish farming 

Fisheries expert Mukesh Kumar Sarang further explains that if someone cultivates fish in a biofloc tank of 10 thousand litres, then he will get the production of up to 500 kg of fish in five months. Whereas to get this much production of fish with normal technology, a one hectare area pond is needed. He said that in Biofloc technology, water is filled only once in four months. In case of accumulation of dirt in the tank, only ten percent of water can be removed and the pond can be kept clean again.

In this technique, proper care should be taken, so that there should be a 24-hour power system. Also, the bacteria that grows in this system are aerobic bacteria, which need air for survival.


Biofloc fish farming

Species suitable for Biofloc fish farming 

Bumper fish production

Fisheries expert Mukesh Kumar Sarang told that an aerator is needed in Biofloc technology. It helps in increasing the amount of oxygen in water. An inlet pipe is provided to supply water to the tanks. An outlet pipe is attached at the bottom of the tank to drain the dirty water. The tank requires a 2 hp power supply to operate the inlet, outlet and aerator systems. He said that fish like Tilapia, Mangur, Kevo, Common carp can be reared in Biofloc technology.

Biofloc fish farming cost & profit 

Mukesh Kumar Sarang also explained in detail about the cost involved in making the biofloc tank. He said that the cost depends on the size of the biofloc tank being made. The larger the size of the tank, the better will be the growth of the fish growing in it. It costs about 28 to 30 thousand rupees to make a 10 thousand litre capacity tank of Biofloc. This includes equipment and labour charges.

In Biofloc technology, it is one time investment for constructing cement or plastic tank. After that, with better management, the production of fish starts after six months. By spending one lakh rupees in this technique, one can earn two to three lakh rupees every year.

Bumper fish production


Subsidy for Biofloc fish farming 

Fisheries expert Mukesh Kumar Sarang opines that by making this technique around your house or in the fields, cement tanks of 250 square feet to 1500 square feet can be started and earn profit by starting fish farming. The government is also giving subsidies to promote Biofloc technology. If someone starts a project of eight Biofloc tanks, then it will cost about seven and a half lakhs. Under the Pradhan Mantri Sampada Yojana, a subsidy of 60 percent is proposed for SC-ST women and 40 percent for others.

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