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How is Pusa Krishi Haat making the market available to the Farmers?

If you get the right market then only you will get the right price.


Pusa Agri Krishi Haat | No matter how good or organic a product you make, unless it gets the right market, people will not get the benefit of it and neither will you get the right profit. That’s why it is as important as making a good product, it is equally important to find a good market.

This work becomes a bit difficult for the farmers, so to help them, Pusa Krishi Haat has been started by the Agriculture Department, where farmers can sell their products, and for this, they do not have to pay much rent.

Pusa Agri Krishi Haat

At Pusa Krishi Haat, Kisan of India correspondent Sarvesh Bundeli met Banwari Lal Maholia, an agri-entrepreneur who is selling his products here. He is very happy with the response he is getting from the people. Not only this, they are hopeful that this will increase the sales of their products.

Pusa Agri Krishi Haat

Promotion of Organic Farming

Banwari Lal is making many organic products under Maholia, Subhadra, and Pushkarwale brands and also advises farmers to use organic fertilizers instead of urea DAP, which increases soil fertility. He says that he himself uses the cow dung collected from the Cow dynasty in farming. This gives a very good crop. He says that farmers should adopt only the old i.e. organic techniques of farming.

Pushkarwala Brand

Banwari Lal explains that he started his venture in 2016. The most important product of their Pushkarwala brand is Gulkand made from rose flowers, which is made completely organically. His company manufactures many products of Pink Rose as well as Amla products and various types of syrups. Regarding their products, they say that everything is made naturally, and no chemical is used.

Sugar candy, honey, and sugar are used for sweetness. Apart from this, Pushkarwala also makes candy, masala candy, sharbat, etc. from amla. Apart from gooseberry, the company is also making betel, rose, saffron, and mint syrup.

Pusa Agri Krishi Haat

Flavored Organic Tea

Along with Pushkarwala, he also produces many things under the Subhadra Organic brand. This includes ghee made of Bilona cow, rose incense sticks, incense sticks made of havan material, and green tea. Green tea has many flavors like- Chamomile, Lemon Grass Tea, Lavender, Rose, etc.

Banwari Lal explains that his aim behind making organic products is to improve the health of the people, because the kind of chemical products people are using nowadays, stomach problems have started increasing. Their aim is to promote organic things and farming. Due to this both people and farmers will benefit.

Join hundreds of farmers

Banwari Lal says that about 850 farmers are associated with his company. From which they get raw materials for products. If the sale of such products is more, then the demand for the produce of the farmers will also increase, due to which their profits will increase.

Pusa Agri Krishi Haat

Profit in Business

Banwari Lal says that this is a big initiative of Agricultural Research Pusa for direct selling. The rent here is very low and they have had a lot of customers so far. Not only this, the products have also been sold. He has full hope that Pusa Krishi Haat will be better in the coming times.

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