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Organic Jaggery Production: Why is farmer Jairam Gaikwad’s Jaggery special?

Earning annual profit of Rs 35 lakh from farm model


Organic Jaggery Production | From Jammu to Karnataka, Rajasthan to Assam, Kisan of India has been bringing to its readers’ inspiring stories of farmers from different corners of the country. Our team reached the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh to meet one such progressive farmer Jairam Gaikwad.

After about 15 hours of a train journey from Delhi to Betul and covering a distance of about 14 kilometers from Betul railway station, we reached Bagholi village of farmer Jairam Gaikwad. Greenery all around, the sound of bells tied around the necks of cows, the sprinkling of light rain, and the fragrance emanating from the soil got mesmerized by many scenes and experiences.

Jairam Gaikwad is a well-known farmer in his field. He has also been honored with many awards for his work in agriculture. We want to introduce you to Jairam Gaikwad and learn about his farming journey.

Organic Jaggery Production

Good Food and Drink will keep the Body Healthy

When Jairam Gaikwad reached home, he greeted the Kisan of India team with great hospitality. He fed mangoes from his garden. No spraying of chemicals, these organic mangoes prepared directly with a touch of nature were full of sweetness. We met his entire family as well. His parents have crossed the age of 90. I saw how his father was reading the newspaper without wearing glasses. Mother was also sifting grains. In conversation, Jairam Gaikwad said that the reason for this is good and organic food and drink.

Annual Profit of Rs 35 lakh

Jairam Gaikwad is doing farming for the last 22 years. He has also got a certificate in organic farming. He has prepared his farm model based on organic farming. In today’s date, they earn a profit of about 35 lakhs in a year. This is the result of his many years of hard work and patience.

Organic Jaggery Production

However, the team then reached his field to see his farm model. Out of his total 30 acres of land, he does traditional, i.e., organic farming on 10 acres of land. He showed us his organic jaggery processing unit, vermicompost unit, biogas plant, and cowshed. He mainly does organic farming of sugarcane on 5 acres. Apart from this, the Vermicompost unit, Gaushala, and Gobar gas plant have been set up on 2 acres. He grows wheat on one and a half acres and organic vegetables on the remaining one and a half acres.

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Full attention to Cleanliness

First he took us to his organic jaggery processing unit. He showed how they take utmost care of cleanliness during the entire process of making jaggery. The whole process of making organic jaggery is done under his supervision. During the conversation, he told that the customer is his priority. He does not like to compromise on cleanliness. These days there is no sugarcane season, so the unit was closed, but after seeing the machines, it was understood that cleanliness is taken full care of.

Organic Jaggery Production

Good Demand for Organic Jaggery

There is a good demand for this jaggery. It is sold in the market at the rate of Rs.60 to 70 per kg. Organic jaggery is sold in lumps of 5 to 10 kg. Customers take jaggery in trucks directly from the unit itself. Most of the organic jaggery is sold in units only. Jaggery is prepared from 30 quintals of sugarcane juice at a time. Sugarcane juice is poured in a big pan. After placing the pan on the stove, organic jaggery is prepared after continuous lime for 2 to 3 hours.

Organic Jaggery Production

Hard work in making Jaggery

The whole process of making jaggery takes a lot of hard work. After extracting juice from sugarcane, the residue ‘cheepa’ that remains is used as wood for the stove. We will soon bring you a video related to how they prepare jaggery.

Organic Jaggery Production

We will soon tell you about other farm models of Jairam Gaikwad in this Betul series. He also discussed about his vermicompost unit, biogas plant and dairy farm. We will share this conversation with you soon. How did you like this article, do tell in the comment box. If you have any experience about farming, you can share that too.

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