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Agriculture-Business : Uttar Pradesh farmer Shiv Kumar Maurya beats depression, started business on his own

Multi-purpose food processing machine installed for agri-business


Today we will tell you about Shiv Kumar Maurya, the spirit of not giving up, fighting against difficult situations and making his mark with agriculture. At one time, when Shiv Kumar Maurya, who worked on a contract in a government department, lost his job, he went into depression. This was the period when responsibility of whole house was also on his shoulders. He did not give up and chose agriculture as his work land. Today he is running a successful agri-business. In a special conversation with Kisan of India, he spoke openly about his farming experiences.

Shiv Kumar Maurya, a resident of Raipur village of Wazirganj block of Gonda district in Uttar Pradesh, is a progressive farmer today. He has also been honoured with many awards. Behind this is his many years of tireless hard work and determination.


Shivakumar, who belongs to a farmer family, has an M.Com degree. His father was an accountant by profession. Due to some circumstances, he had to resign. Shiv Kumar Maurya told that his father was fond of farming and liked geography. He was interested in growing plants in adverse conditions. Due to this attachment, he planted 250 different types of plants like coconut, clove, cardamom, asafoetida, bay leaf on his one acre of land. Shiv Kumar Maurya told that people used to say that coconut cannot be grown here, but his father liked to keep experimenting. After waiting for 20 years, coconut fruits started appearing in the tree.

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The struggle strengthened 

After doing post graduation in 2007, he went in search of jobs in many big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur, but could not get any kind of job anywhere. In 2010, an advertisement was published in the newspaper regarding recruitment in the labour department. He applied online and got selected. He started working. After this, the advertisement was also out for recruitment in the Survey of India Department. Here too he got selected.

He was transferred first to Meerut, Pune and then to Faizabad. But he was refused at the time of joining in Faizabad. He lost his job. Shiv Kumar Maurya was hurt by this. He struggled with depression. He got a job in a private company in Kolkata, but he was not happy with it. Then he decided to go back to his village. The family was associated with agriculture, so he set out on the journey to make agriculture his livelihood.


Got in touch with Krishi Vigyan Kendra 

He started visiting Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Gonda. Learn about advanced farming techniques and experiments. On behalf of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, they would also get new information on mobile through message. It was from here that he came to know about the organization of the Agricultural Investment Fair. Here Shivakumar came to know about the Farm Machinery Bank Scheme of the Government. Under this scheme, farmers are given agricultural machinery at a subsidy of up to 80 percent. Shiv Kumar Maurya applied after gathering more information about this scheme. This helped them a lot.

During this time he came to know about agricultural scientist Dharamveer Kamboj. Dharamveer Kamboj, who hails from Haryana, is a progressive farmer. He has solved the problems of thousands of farmers with the many machines he made. His own business is in lakhs today and he is a successful entrepreneur and farmer trainer. Shiv Kumar Maurya reached his village Damla, Haryana to meet him. He reached there and learned about their modern techniques.


Multi-purpose food processing machine installed 

Dharamveer Kamboj has also developed a multi-purpose food processing machine. With the help of this machine, products like juice, gel can be prepared by processing flowers, vegetables and medicines. Shiv Kumar started modern farming after meeting Dharamveer Kamboj. He has planted about 250 types of trees along with Parwal, Papaya, Drumstick, Aloe Vera etc. in his field. Along with this, he has also installed a multi-purpose food processing machine, from which he prepares a variety of products.

Products such as pulp, juice, gel and soap are made from aloe vera. Apart from this, he also prepares food products like pickles, murabbas, jams and delivers them to the market. Moringa powder and drumstick soap, products are also in good demand.  


Agriculture has given a lot 

Apart from food processing, Shivakumar has also maintained a nursery. In this nursery, he prepares mango, lemon, parwal and papaya plants and makes them available to the farmers. Shiv Kumar Maurya says that agriculture has given him a lot. If we talk about annual earnings, then they get an income of Rs 5 lakh.

Shiv Kumar Maurya told that there is a problem of stray animals in his area. For this, he has put a fence around his 4-acre farm. They cultivate vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants. Parwal, Kundru, Beans, Cowpea, Potato, Beet, Carrot, Garlic, Tomato, Lemon, Papaya, and Aloe Vera are the main produce.


Red lady papaya cultivation

Shiv Kumar Maurya cultivates the Red Lady variety of papaya. Up to 100 kg of papaya is produced from one plant. Shiv Kumar Maurya told that there is no number of male plants in it. If you keep it for 7 to 10 days, then its fruit does not spoil quickly.

In this variety, the qualities of male (male) and female (female) are in the same plant. This gives the possibility of getting full production from the plant. In other varieties of papaya, males and females are different and it is not possible to identify which plant is male and which plant is female until the plant has flowers.


In today’s date, Shiv Kumar’s hard work has brought so much colour that farmers from far and wide come to see his farm. They are invited to share their experiences at several events. Along with this, Shivkumar is also giving training to the people. 

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