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Benefits of Honey production with litchi cultivation

Along with litchi cultivation, honey production and cultivation of many other crops, Raju Singh adopted advanced techniques


Farmers who are now doing farming as a business and do not hesitate to follow new techniques and scientific methods to earn profit, they definitely get success. One such progressive and innovative farmer is Raju Singh, a resident of Harpur village in Gorakhpur district. Along with litchi cultivation, he also takes the produce of many other crops. Apart from this, beekeeping is also being done. In these activities related to agriculture, he gets full support from Mahayogi Gorakhnath Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gorakhpur. They keep taking his advice from time to time.

Honey production with litchi plantation

When Raju Singh, a resident of Harpur village in Gorakhpur district, came in contact with Mahayogi Gorakhnath Krishi Vigyan Kendra and showed his interest in litchi plantation, honey production, nursery and rice, wheat cropping system, KVK encouraged him for the same. Not only this, KVK advised him to introduce new equipment for litchi plantation and to produce honey in a scientific way. Apart from this, it also helped in getting financial help from the State Horticulture Department. He has participated in many training programs organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra. KVK also encouraged them to form companies for agricultural products in collaboration with other farmers to make agriculture and horticulture based products.

litchi cultivation
Image Credit: KVK

How much is the income?

Raju Singh earns about 6 lakh 25 thousand rupees annually from agriculture and other activities. There are about 100 litchi trees in his garden. He earns Rs 70 thousand from this, Rs 3 lakh from honey production and Rs 2 lakh 55 thousand from rice and wheat crop grown in an area of 6 acres.

Become well-known entrepreneurs 

Raju Singh is now motivating other farmers. Litchi plantation, bee keeping and commercial farming, Raju Singh is a progressive farmer who also promotes organic products. These products have helped them earn a living and have also made them financially prosperous.

litchi cultivation
Image Credit: KVK

Litchi cultivation 

Most litchi cultivation in India is done in two districts of Bihar, Bihar, Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga. Temperate climate is best for litchi cultivation. Sandy loam soil is good for its cultivation, which has the capacity to bear more water. Apart from this, it can also be cultivated in light acidic and laterite soil. Litchi tree grows slowly. It may take 7-10 years to harvest. Therefore, for the initial 3-4 years, farmers can increase their income by inter-cropping. Litchi plants are delicate. In such a situation, mango and jamun plants can be planted around to protect them from strong winds. 

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