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By rearing poultry with goat, income increased three times

Earlier, only about one and a half lakh rupees could be earned annually.


Small farmers are adopting other activities along with farming to increase their income. Rajesh Kumar Vaish, a 45-year-old farmer from Chadbari village in Gorakhpur district, also took up poultry with goat with the aim of increasing his income. Along with growing the crop, their income has increased three times by raising poultry and goat together. Seeing this, the nearby farmers have also started following in his footsteps.

Farming started in 2 acres of land 

Rajesh Kumar Vaish started farming on 2 acres of land in his own village instead of doing a job after graduation. But from the crops of paddy and wheat, he could earn only Rs 1-1.5 and 1.5 lakh annually, which was not enough to meet the needs of his family of 8 members. In such a situation, Rajesh Kumar was looking for other options.

बकरी के साथ मुर्गी पालन goat farming with poultry farming

Krishi Vigyan Kendra showed a new path 

In 2018-19, Rajesh Kumar participated in Poultry and Goat rearing training program organized by Mahayogi Gorakhnath Krishi Vigyan Kendra. From here he became interested in these two professions. After this, with the help of scientists of the Animal Husbandry Department of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Rajesh Kumar started poultry farming with goat in a scientific way. This led to an astonishing increase in his income.

बकरी के साथ मुर्गी पालन goat farming with poultry farming

Goat and chicken breeds 

He raised the Barbari and Sirohi breeds of goat, while the Kadaknath breed of chicken was reared. The barbari goat is medium sized and short in stature, but has a stout body. It is white and brown in colour and the brown goat has small white spots on its body. 

बकरी के साथ मुर्गी पालन goat farming with poultry farming

On the other hand, Sirohi goat is considered good for commercial rearing. It is especially found in Rajasthan. The specialty of this goat is that it can tolerate both hot and cold weather.

The specialty of Kadaknath chicken is that it is completely black. Its meat is considered very beneficial for health, as it is high in iron and protein. Its meat is sold more expensive than other chickens in the market.

Better use of limited resources 

With the help of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Rajesh Kumar was able to make better use of limited resources through integrated poultry and goat farming. He uses the faeces of chicken and goat as manure in the field. This also reduced the cost of their cultivation.

How much is profit? 

They earn a net profit of about 2 lakh 20 thousand rupees per year from poultry farming, while goat farming earns a net profit of 3 lakh rupees and 60 thousand rupees annually from the cultivation of crops. In this way their total profit reaches about 5 lakh 80 thousand rupees.

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Other farmers are also getting in spired 

Rajesh Kumar is a progressive farmer who popularized poultry farming along with goat. Now other farmers of the surrounding area are also adopting his technique. 

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