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Satish Babu of Andhra Pradesh does animal based organic farming, know how to prepare a low cost model of farming

Farmer of Andhra Pradesh set example by doing animal based organic farming


In today’s time, due to the increasing cost of farming and low profits, many farmers have started leaving farming and doing other work. But there are many farmers who are not only doing farming, but to make it better, they have adopted organic farming by leaving chemicals. One such farmer is Gadde Satish Babu from Andhra Pradesh, who is doing organic farming based on animals. He learned this skill of animal based organic farming from his father and is now setting an example for the people of the area. 

Who is Satish Babu? 

Hailing from Sithampeta village in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, Satish is a post graduate in commerce. Not going after the job, he decided to pursue his traditional farming. Satish cultivates coconut in 16 acres, paddy in 19 acres and maize in 20 acres. He also has 37 buffaloes. He learned the virtues of animal based farming from his father and he believes that this is the best method of farming, as well as good for the environment. Despite the risks and uncertainties associated with it, he continued with this method of farming, as he has seen his family successfully do organic farming since 1990.

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Benefits of organic farming

Satish believes that animal based organic farming is beneficial in many ways. Its use eliminates the dependence on expensive chemical fertilizers, which reduces production costs and increases profits. It also saves energy and protects the environment in the long run. Satish believes that animal based organic farming reduces dependence on external things and also saves labour. In today’s time, the demand for organic things is also increasing to avoid lifestyle diseases. In addition, this method of farming also reduces the impact of pests and diseases on the crops.

Animals benefit from grazing in the open 

Satish leaves the animals open for grazing during the day and tied them with a long rope at night. The rope is kept long so that the animals can sit at their convenience. Along with this, animal dung and urine gets absorbed in the soil. This increases soil fertility and reduces weed problems. Apart from grazing in the open, when there is shortage of green fodder, he also feeds them with paddy husk. Satish says that availability of labour is a big problem and to tackle this problem he uses basin method of irrigation in coconut orchards. Along with grazing in the open, he feeds the cattle with paddy husk during the fodder shortage season. They say that they do not face any fertility or fertility problems due to the animals grazing in the open and eating natural fodder.

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Best price of organic rice

They get good price for the production of best quality paddy through completely organic farming without any chemicals. According to him, paddy is sold at Rs 80-100 per kg. He cultivates paddy in 19 acres without any chemicals. Paddy residues are used to nourish the soil. They believe that the best quality and taste of rice is obtained by cultivating paddy in an organic way. He has also received the award for Best Animal Based Organic Farming. 

Satish, who has a good understanding of organic farming, is a progressive farmer who feels free to share his experiences with other farmers and inspire them to do organic farming. 

 organic farming
Farmer of Andhra Pradesh. Image Credit: tnau

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