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She is growing vegetables in kitchen garden made from waste

By making a kitchen garden, you can grow organic vegetables throughout the year


Due to lack of space in cities, people are unable to do gardening even if they want to. They have to consume chemical-rich fruits and vegetables, but there are some creative people who find a way to stay healthy even with less resources. One such woman is Sunita Singh of Bareilly, who is setting an example for people by growing vegetables and fruits in pots and old plastic drums/cans on her terrace kitchen garden. 

Fresh vegetables available at low cost 

Chemicals are used in growing most of the fruits and vegetables purchased from the market, which destroys its nutrients. So Sunita Singh, a resident of Bareilly, started growing vegetables and fruits on the terrace of her house. This enabled his family to get fresh, pure and organic vegetables. This also reduced the cost of buying vegetables. In this kitchen garden, she grows many types of vegetables. 

She is growing vegetables in kitchen garden made from waste
Image Credit: ICAR

Drum for making kitchen garden bought from scrap 

In 2020, Sunita bought big drums from the scrap dealer and started growing Gourd, Pumpkin, Bitter gourd, Kundru, Bean, Papaya, Lemon, Mango, Guava etc. Plastic drums can’t last long, so they made iron stands to hold it. Gradually she increased the size of her kitchen garden. For this, vegetables were grown in grow bags, pots, old plastic bins, pots etc. They did not come in direct contact with the roof, so they made a stand for everyone.

She is growing vegetables in kitchen garden made from waste
Image Credit: ICAR

Growing vegetables 

Sunita grew vegetables like mustard, spinach, fenugreek, amaranth, gram, soya, cucumber, pumpkin, gourd, bitter gourd, kundru, okra, bitter gourd, chilli, brinjal, radish, broccoli, guar, coriander, peas, turnip, cabbage on her terrace. have been Due to this they keep getting vegetables throughout the year. Apart from this, she is also growing fruits like lemon, papaya, mango, pomegranate, guava.

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Saving so much

About 6 thousand rupees were spent on buying drums from scrap, while about 12,200 rupees were spent on making iron stands etc. Now about Rs 1650 has been saved in the expenditure on vegetables every month.

Use of organic manure

Sunita uses everything from pesticides to fertilizers to grow vegetables organically. Initially, she bought earthworm manure from Krishi Vigyan Kendra Bareilly, but now she herself is making manure from kitchen waste. Manure is prepared by keeping fruits, vegetables and eggshells along with dry leaves and cow dung in a drum for 70-80 days. This process of composting goes on continuously, due to which manure is available regularly.

She is growing vegetables in kitchen garden made from waste
Image Credit: ICAR

Feeling close to nature 

Sunita says that gardening on her terrace does not let her know how she spends her time and it makes her feel closer to nature. Butterflies, birds and bees keep coming to the rooftop garden, which is considered good for the growth of plants. Sunita also helped many neighbours by giving them vegetables during the Corona period from her kitchen garden. 

Inspired by her, many women from the neighbourhood come to take her advice to grow vegetables on the terrace. You can also get fresh food by growing vegetables in pots, plastic bins, sacks etc. on your terrace, balcony or in front of the house.

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