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Woman Farmer’s Income increased more than 6 times due to Integrated Farming System

Information gathered and agricultural diversification adopted


Integrated Farming System | In this era, multitasking has become necessary even in farming. Only then can farmers earn good profits. Agricultural advisors advise farmers to adopt other activities related to agriculture, like animal husbandry, horticulture, poultry, fish farming, goat rearing, along with growing crops. This technique of bringing diversification in farming is called the Integrated Farming System, which is the need of the present time. Dondubai Hannu Chavan, a farmer living in Karnataka, has not only increased his income by more than six times by adopting Integrated Farming System but has also become a source of inspiration for other farmers.

Integrated Farming System
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Damage was caused only by Grain Crops

Dondubai, 38, is a resident of Arkeri village in Vijaypur and has three children. He is only fifth pass. Despite this, she is always eager to learn new things and that is the reason why she has become a successful woman farmer today. In the beginning, she used to cultivate only traditional grain crops, but growing only grains did not bring her any profit. Also, their farming was rain-fed, due to which there was loss of crop if there was no rain.

How did the Integrated Farming System start?

In fact, Dondubai is a member of an NGO and participated in a collaborative training program organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Vijaypur. In this program, he came to know about the Integrated Farming System. Then he also got technical guidance and advice on the subject from KVK scientists. On the basis of the information Dondubai got from the front line demonstrations done by the scientists, he started diversification in farming i.e. adopted integrated farming system.

Integrated Farming System

Does All These Things

Dondubai has 3.5 acres of land in which she is cultivating crops, animal husbandry, poultry, pisciculture, horticulture crops, vegetables etc. along with growing crops. Maize and Arhar are being grown in grains. Whereas in horticulture crops, she is cultivating guava, fig, curry leaves, drumstick, papaya, coconut, chiku and cilantro. He has Murrah and Gir cows. Goats of Shirohi and Osmanabadi breeds and 70 chickens of Swarnadhara breed. There is also a borewell and a pond in her farm, in which she does fish farming.

How much Income Increased

In the first year she earned only Rs 53,800, but now she is earning around Rs 3,64,200 every year. His success has inspired other farmers to adopt integrated farming system.

Dondubai got a lot of help from Krishi Vigyan Kendra and NGOs in diversifying into agriculture. Due to his cooperation, she has become a successful woman farmer. For her contribution in the field of agriculture, she has also received district level best woman farmer award from University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad.

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