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Dairy Cattles: How to protect newborn calves from diseases at birth and after birth

Six months after birth are very important for newborn calves.


Newborn calves of animals (Dairy cattle) also need special care for the initial six months. Calves/heifers will be helpful in the dairy industry in the future. That’s why it is essential to take care of their health. The disease resistance of calves and heifers is less at a young age. That’s why they can be a victim of many diseases. This can also lead to his death. That’s why animal parents must be aware of the diseases caused by newborn calves and heifers and their treatment.

There are two types of diseases caused by pregnant calves and heifers. One is detected at birth, and the other diseases are prone to occur later.

Diseases Detected at Birth


Generally, this disease is seen in crossbred calves and heifers. When suffering from this disease, animals get a fever and their eyes look big. Looks like she is on her way out. The eyelids of the eyes are not able to close, so the eyes become dry, and staying in this condition for a long time can also lead to worms in the eyes. This can damage the eyes.

That’s why animal parents must be alert and contact the doctor only after seeing the initial symptoms because, in this stage, the disease can be cured by medicine.

Atresia Ani

This is a severe disease because the anus of the newborn calf gets closed. Therefore it is necessary to contact the doctor immediately. Through surgery, doctors make way for the dung to come out.

Dairy Cattle
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Free Martinism

When a cow gives birth to two children at once and one of them is male and one is female, then the female may suffer from this disease. Actually, the reason for this disease is that due to excess hormones secreted by the male child in the womb, the genitals of the female child do not develop. In this situation, the female calf is unable to conceive even after growing up, while the fertility of the male calf is not affected.

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Diseases Detected after Birth


This problem is seen more in newborns till the age of one month. Diarrhea can be caused by many reasons such as drinking too much milk, stomach infection or worms can also cause diarrhea. Many times the child openly drinks more milk from the peg and then he gets loose motions. In such a situation, antibiotics or any other medicine can be given to the calf on the advice of the doctor. When there is diarrhea, the body’s water starts coming out quickly. In such a situation, to avoid the problem of lack of water, ORS is given to the calf. Dextrose-saline may be given as an ORS solution or by injection.

Worms in Stomach

It has often been seen that the children of cow or buffalo get worms in their stomach, due to which they become very weak. To avoid this disease, cow and buffalo should be given medicine to kill worms in the last days of their pregnancy. Along with this, till the newborn is up to 6 months, medicine should be given to kill insects every one and a half or two months.

Dairy Cattle
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This is also a common disease in newborn calves. With the onset of fever, water starts coming out from the nose and eyes of the calf/heifers. There is also a thick discharge from the nose. In such a situation, he stops drinking milk. If the treatment is not done on time, then the death of the baby can also happen. That’s why consult a doctor immediately, you can get relief from the disease by giving antibiotics or other medicines.


This is a very serious disease caused to newborn calves and can spread from one to another. So keep the sick child separate and keep the area around it clean. If this disease is not treated on time, it can also lead to the death of the baby. It can be treated with antibiotics and other medicines.

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