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Pig Farming: 18 year old Namrita does Pig Farming along with studies, adopted advanced techniques

Pig farming is becoming the choice of youth.


Many youths are getting involved in pig farming. Seeing many possibilities in it as a profession. One such girl is Namrita Kumari, a resident of Guwahati, Assam. Namrita passed class X with 87 percent marks. Immediately after passing class 10, she started pig farming with the help of her father and is also studying.

Took Training from National Pig Research Center

Namrita took training on pig farming from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research-National Research Center on Pig (ICAR-NRCP), Guwahati. Namrita sees herself as a budding agri-entrepreneur when people’s attraction is less to entrepreneurship. She has taken training from the National Pig Research Center on scientific technology and practical knowledge of artificial insemination. Gave a new flight to his business. Namrata has two male pigs that are kept for meat production. Such male pigs are castrated before reaching sexual maturity. Four adult female pigs are used for breeding, and 12 producer pigs.

Pig Farming
Image Credit: ICAR

Azolla Farming along with Pig Farming

To reduce the cost of pig farming, Namrita uses rice polish available in the local market. She also used waste material from fish in the fish market, which is easily available at a low rate. Namrita is doing Azolla cultivation with integrated piggery. The produced Azolla is dried and given as weekly nutrition to the pigs. Azolla has the capabilities of providing evergreen nutritious feed for the animals. Amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B12, betacarotene, calcium, phosphorus, potash, iron, magnesium, etc. are found in abundance in this. On the basis of dry amount of Azolla, 40-60 percent protein, 10-15 percent minerals and 7-10 percent amino acids, bioactive substances and biopolymers etc. are found.

Namrata was also given agricultural inputs such as biosecurity kits and farm equipment during the SCSP program at the National Pig Research Center. He used them for routine farm cleaning and to prevent African swine fever. Last year, Namrata sold 32 piglets and earned an income of Rs 1.44 lakh and sold two additional finishers for Rs 60 thousand.

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