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Poultry Farming: Desi Poultry Farming can give good income

It is beneficial for small farmers to raise indigenous poultry instead of broiler


Poultry farming is a great option for farmers to increase their income, however, the right method of poultry farming should be known. If a farmer wants to do poultry farming on a small scale, then instead of broilers, it would be good to keep indigenous poultry. With high profits, meat and eggs in demand indigenous chickens generate better returns.

On the contrary, broilers grow fast and have to be sold after some time. The’ Farmers of India’ team reached Khamliya village of Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh to know how indigenous chickens should be reared and which breed is the best. Our correspondent Pankaj Shukla met the poultry farmer Khaleel Ahmed and in a special conversation with Farmers of India, gave information about the right methods of domestic poultry farming for small farmers.

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Color breeds beneficial for small farmers

The color breed is one of the varieties of indigenous chickens. Khaleel Ahmed says that keeping this breed is beneficial for small farmers because they can earn a profit by starting a business with 500 or even 1000 chickens. If the meat of these chickens does not sell, then eggs can also generate good income. Importantly, farmers do not have to follow the market. Keeping an eye on high profits they can sell the chickens as per the requirement. This does not happen in broilers, as their price is decided by the market or dealer.

What is a color breed?

He told our team that there are many varieties of ‘color breed’ of indigenous chickens. Crowler, DP, DP cross, Sonali, Kadaknath, etc. are such breeds. Everyone’s preparation and profit time are different. In such a scenario, the farmer has to decide how much profit the farmer wants to gain and how much time he wants to invest in the business. If the farmer wants quick returns, then the Crowler breed is better, also known as 2 FG. It grows up to 1.5 kg in 45 days and its weight reaches up to 3 kg. Thus, it is good for those who want heavy chicken at less cost. Their eggs also get a good price.

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Further, he says, if the farmer has a little more time, then by rearing the Kaveri Satpura variety, he can earn more profit. It takes 60-62 days to get ready. If you are willing to spend more time than this, then the Sonali breed can be reared, which matures in 85-90 days, and has high returns. This breed is also in high demand in the market because of its good taste. If you are ready to give 120-130 days then Kadaknath is also a good option for you. This will also result in higher profits.

Broiler or desi which is easier to raise

According to Khaleel Ahmed, the color chicken breed has come from the village itself by mixing, so it is rough and tough and does not require much care and cleanliness. It can be raised like a broiler. The temperature needs to be maintained. Extreme hot or cold weather is unsuitable for them. Also, there should be a proper arrangement of ventilation in their living place. As far as feeding is concerned, these chickens can be fed by mixing grains from other animals’ feeds as well. This reduces the cost of feeding.

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How to start Poultry farming?

He tells that farmers should start a business with zero-day i.e. immediately born chickens. Once the farmers learn to rear young chickens, it becomes easier for them to understand the insights of the poultry business and the needs of the chicken. For better development of the chick, maintenance of the right temperature is essential. For this, the farmers can use light or wooden sawdust Sikri. If the farmer can maintain the temperature for 12 days, he can overcome a big hurdle.

poultry farming business

Where to get training?

Khaleel Ahmed advises farmers to start this work only after training. He says that interested farmers can take training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra or NABARD. The doctors of the Animal Husbandry Department can also be consulted.

When a farmer does indigenous poultry farming on a large scale, subsidies are also given by the state and central government. Khaleel Ahmed believes that farmers should start work on a small scale. As for advice to fellow farmers, he says that farmers should adopt a quick maturing breed. Once the profit starts, expand the business and raise another breed.

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