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Rearing sheep with unique techniques made her an entrepreneur

This successful women entrepreneur is spreading awareness about environment along with agriculture


Farmers can increase their income by getting involved in other related activities along with farming, as is being done by the woman farmer Mangala Kiran Neelgund. From goat-sheep rearing to growing fodder for animals, he has set an example of success by using modern technology. Now she is helping many farmers and motivating them to improve their standard of living.

Who is Mangala Kiran Neelgund? 

Mangala Kiran Neelgund, a resident of Karnataka, has graduated in Agriculture from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. Mangala used to help her husband in the work of agriculture. Besides, she had the responsibility of the household as well as the two children on her shoulders. Gradually she started farming and progressed towards becoming an entrepreneur. Before starting farming, he approached the Agriculture Department through the ATMA scheme. The department officials advised him to start dairy activities on a small scale.

On the advice of scientists, in 2014 Mangala Kiran ventured into sheep farming business. He initially bought 30 male sheep. Then in the same year Mangala bought 50 more sheep, as well as male goats. Nurtured them for 6 months and then started marketing them. In the beginning he had to face many problems. There was a lack of information about buyers and sellers.

Along with taking training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, he visited the farms of successful and progressive farmers nearby to get practical information related to rearing of sheep and goats. Initially the family members were hesitant to help him in his sheep and goat rearing business, but seeing his passion and enthusiasm, they started supporting him. Now she is a successful woman entrepreneur and has become a role model for women in the surrounding villages.

Rearing sheep
Image Credit: ICAR-Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute

Involved in various activities 

Mangala herself prepares a balanced diet for the animals. This diet is prepared by making a mixture of 100 kg maize+10 kg soybean+10 kg belgram+5 kg mineral. They also have a flour mill to make it. Green fodder is also grown by itself. For this, he has adopted the hydroponic technique of farming. In the kitchen garden behind the house, more than 50 types of plants rich in many types of fruits and medicinal properties have been planted.

Rearing sheep
Image Credit: ICAR

Making people aware about the environment 

Mangala Kiran Neelgund has trained over 1500 farmers who have visited her farm. Every year she distributes 600 to 700 cuttings of many medicinal plants including Tulsi free of cost to the farmers. She is promoting tree plantation by visiting schools and colleges. Many self-help groups often invite him to spread awareness about the environment.

Rearing sheep

Received many honours

In 2021, she was awarded the ‘Best Female Farmer Award’ at the taluka level by the Department of Agriculture. In 2021 itself, on the occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’, ‘Best Women Farmer Award’ from KH Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hulakoti and ‘Raitha Ratna Award’ from Irakal Math, Raichuru has been received. 

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