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Farmers friends, do you know about AgriCentral App?

AgriCentral app removes every problem of farming



Changes are taking place in the agricultural sector from technology to methods. Farmers are being benefited through technology. The AgriCentral app that we are talking about, gives all the information related to farming to the farmers, through advanced technology. All this is very important for the farmers to know.

The farmer works hard day and night in the field to maintain his crops. In such a situation, when his crop is destroyed due to weather, natural calamity or pest attack, then he has to suffer heavy losses. In such a situation, one app can remove all these problems of the farmers. The app we are going to mention in this article has more than 5 million users and this app has a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play Store. In this article, we will tell you in detail about the app, what is it about this app, which is being used by a large number of farmers.

What is AgriCentral App? 

The name of this app is AgriCentral. This app, through advanced technology, tells the farmers about the treatment of diseases and pests on the crop, when and how to harvest the crop, what to take care of. In this app, farmers can upload photos of the crop and know about the disease and its treatment.

Know the best features of this app 

Farm Voice : This feature connects farmers with each other and agriculture experts across the country. In this you can get any information related to farming. Whether you want to know about a new product, a technology or you can also encourage other farmers by putting your success story in it. Here you will also see the posts of other farmers. Farmers also get the option of putting a picture in it. Choose your topic and write about it. This is a good forum to discuss any topic related to agriculture.

AgriCentral App

Image Credit:- AgriCentral app

Crop Care: With the help of this feature, farmers can find out which disease or pest is causing damage to your crop. With the help of image identification, this app detects pests and diseases. Also, farmers can get information about the dosage of chemicals used for crop protection and disease control, which medicine to put, through this app. In this feature, you also get the option of uploading the image of the crop.

AgriCentral app

Image Credit:- AgriCentral app

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Crop Plan:

This feature helps about how to increase the yield by scientific methods. Select the crop you are cultivating and enter the date of sowing and then Crop Plan will give you a calendar of agricultural activities to be done to increase the yield at low cost. In this feature you will also get information about good brands of fertilizers, pesticides and many agro chemicals, which can help in increasing the yield and quality in farming.

Image Credit:- AgriCentral app

Market View: This feature informs the farmers about the current market price of the crops. After selecting the category of crop like cereals, barley, spices, pulses, select the state whose market price you want to know and you will get to know the price of that crop at the same time. You can decide when and where to sell your crop by observing the fluctuating trend of market prices.

Image Credit:- AgriCentral app

Weather: In this app you also get information related to weather. In this, farmers can know about the weather forecast for up to 15 days. This helps the farmers to plan their agricultural activities and avoid crop damage.

How and where to download the app: 

It is very easy to install this app. You will find this app on Google Play Store under the name AgriCentral. As soon as you open this app, it will ask you the language option. This app is currently available in five languages. Choose any one language. After this the sign-up window will open. Enter your name, mobile number and click on ‘Send OTP’. Then an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter it and login.

Image Credit:- AgriCentral app

Once you log in, it will ask you to complete your profile on the app. You can do this later also. After this, where you live, it will ask for permission to locate it. This permission has been asked so that this app can give you accurate information about the weather and market prices of the area where you live. After this, the main dashboard of the app will open in front of you, where you will see all the features mentioned above.

Image Credit:- AgriCentral app


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