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Ikshu Kedar app great use for sugarcane farmers, know more

There will be no wastage of water, you will get a good crop with Ikshu Kedar app


Sugarcane farmers can get all the information related to what should be the right time to irrigate sugarcane crops and at what intervals via this Ikshu Kedar app.

India is one of the largest producer of sugar in the world. India ranks second in the production of sugarcane in the world. India alone accounts for 18 percent of the world’s sugar production. Millions of farmers of the country are associated with sugarcane cultivation.

In India, sugarcane is cultivated mainly in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Tillage, sowing and timely irrigation are essential for high yield and quality of sugarcane. In such a situation, many farmers give excessive water to the sugarcane crop. This not only causes water loss, but also the farmers have to bear the loss of additional expenditure on irrigation.

Ikshu Kedar app tells the exact time of irrigation 

The app provides, to the point information about irrigation. In any situation, what should be the right time to irrigate after sowing sugarcane, after how many intervals should we irrigate again, cane farmers get all the related information through Ikshu Kedar app. In this article you will learn about the use and benefits of this app.

The name of this app is ‘Ikshu Kedar’. It has been developed by Lucknow-based Indian Sugarcane Research Institute. This app gives information related to irrigation to sugarcane farmers. With the help of this, sugarcane farmers can know about the exact date for irrigation of the crops. This will save the crops from repeated unnecessary irrigation.

Ikshu kedar app
Image Credit: TheHindu

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This app is effective for North Indian states 

The interval between two irrigation is different for the sugarcane crop sown in different seasons. Therefore, enter the correct sugarcane sowing date and irrigation date in the Ikshu Kedar app. This app is designed keeping in mind the weather of North Indian states.

Every information related to irrigation in sugarcane farming is available 

For sugarcane seedlings and tree crops, 75 mm of water should be used in each irrigation. Keep irrigation drains free from weeds and wear and tear. Irrigation should be stopped about one month before sugarcane harvesting. Many information related to irrigation in such sugarcane cultivation has been given in this app.

Ikshu Kedar app
Image Credit: IISR

How to download ? 

The Ikshu Kedar app is very easy to use. This app is available on Google Play Store under the name ‘Ikshu Kedar’. In this, you do not even need to register by entering the phone number separately. You can use it by opening the app as soon as it is installed.

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