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Know about the use of high density technology in banana cultivation

There was no good profit by cultivating banana in the traditional way


India is not only the largest producer of bananas, but its consumption is also highest here. Farmers did not get much benefit in the traditional way of banana cultivation, so many new techniques were invented to increase their profits. One such technique is High Density Planting. With the use of this technology, the production of bananas also increases and the profit of the farmers also increases. Karnataka farmer Mahesh is also cultivating bananas with the same technique.

Use of high density technology in banana cultivation
Image Credit: ICAR

Growing banana cultivation 

In Tumkur district of Karnataka, banana is the second largest producer after mango. The area under banana cultivation has also increased in the district. Bananas are grown under different conditions and production systems. However, the yield is not very high in its traditional cultivation. This is the reason why many small farmers consider it risky and shy away from banana cultivation. In such a situation, scientists invented a technique of its cultivation. The high density technique showed a good increase in the yield of banana.

G-9 variety is the choice of farmers 

The G-9 variety of banana is popular among the farmers of Karnataka. Its colour is golden yellow and it does not spoil for a long time. It is also in high demand internationally. In Tumkur district, 40% of banana cultivation is done in the form of intercropping with areca nut and coconut. 

Use of high density technology in banana cultivation
Image Credit: ICAR

High density technology used 

Mahesh, a farmer from Tumkur district, used to cultivate bananas in the earlier traditional way. There was less production. Then Krishi Vigyan Kendra Hirehalli gave front line demonstration on high density planting along with row method in his field. He was also trained in this technique and then when Mahesh adopted it, the results were astonishing.

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Increase in income 

He earned an annual income of 1.47 lakh per hectare by cultivating bananas in the traditional way. Now it has increased to Rs 3.82 lakh. The production increased from 578 quintal per hectare to 760 quintal per hectare. In new technology, more plants are planted in less space. Plants are planted in row and zig zag manner at a distance of 1.5*1.5*2.0 m. In contrast, in the traditional way, they were placed at a distance of 2.0×2.0 metres.

In high density technology, water and manure are used more efficiently and the chances of plants falling due to high wind are also reduced. Increased production increases the profit of the farmers. Seeing Mahesh’s success, other farmers of the area have also been inspired to cultivate banana with new technology. 

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