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Ganoderma is a Mushroom with Medicinal Properties

Learn from Dr. Alankar Singh how to cultivate Ganoderma Mushroom at low cost, Rs. 3 to 10 thousand per kg


Many varieties of mushrooms are being cultivated in the country, and they are also in good demand, but the Ganoderma mushroom is different from other mushrooms because it is a mushroom with medicinal properties. It is used in making many medicines. How can Ganoderma cultivation be beneficial for farmers? How can it be cultivated at a low cost? On this, Deepika Joshi, correspondent of Kisan of India, had a special conversation with subject matter specialist Dr. Alankar Singh of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Pithoragarh.


Beneficial in these Diseases

Dr. Alankar said that people’s information about this medicine is very less. Ganoderma mushroom is used to make medicine for many serious diseases, including cancer. Apart from this, it is also considered helpful in curing skin-related diseases, forgetfulness, fatigue, muscular diseases, heart diseases, sugar, insomnia, and improving the digestive system.

Specialty of Ganoderma Mushroom 

It is a mushroom with medicinal properties, which is naturally found in forests in mountainous areas. It grows on its own on dry and fallen trees. It is rich in antioxidants as well as contains vitamin D, micronutrients, and 19.5 percent protein. Ganoderma mushroom is also known as Reishi Mushroom.


Many Products are made from Ganoderma Mushroom 

Many companies make capsules by processing Ganoderma mushrooms. Soaps, creams, and toothpaste are also made from them. The powder that comes out of the mushroom can also be drunk like green tea by putting it in water. By adding lemon grass to a cup of water and adding some honey and mushroom powder to it, you can consume it like green tea.


Farmers can Benefit by Cultivating it in Limited Resources 

Subject expert Dr. Alankar Singh says that an autoclave machine is usually required to grow Ganoderma mushrooms, in which wooden logs are sterilized. Mixing 2 ml of formalin in 1 litre of water, the woods are kept overnight in this solution. The next day the woods are taken out of the water. Then these woods are boiled by mixing 0.5 MW malt extract (malt extract is prepared from wheat) in one litre of water. 

Dr. Alankar Singh says that not every farmer can buy an autoclave machine. That’s why his team is continuously doing research for its cultivation at low cost. Dr. Alankar Singh says that farmers have a large saffron, in which they can do processes related to formalin to malt extract. 

Solarization technology is then used to sterilize the wood. The wood is kept in the sun at a temperature of 45-50 degree celsius after putting it in polythene. Keeping it in polythene doubles the temperature and completely sterilizes the wood.


Mushrooms ready in about a month 

Poplar wood is considered most suitable for cultivation of Ganoderma mushroom. After treating the poplar wood into pieces of six inches long and three inches in diameter, it is the turn of spawning. For this, seeds are put in polythene by placing two candles on the table, then cotton is put on it, folded well, airtight with rings and kept at a cold temperature. Mycelia (white coloured fungus) starts developing in it in 15 to 20 days. Then these sticks are put in a mixture prepared with the ratio of two grams of lime to one kilo of soil. After this, mushroom is produced by keeping it in a place with proper temperature. From one piece of wood, 6 to 10 grams of mushroom is available. These mushrooms are ready in about a month.

Dr. Alankar Singh told that many regional farmers of Pithoragarh are being made to cultivate Ganoderma mushroom. State Directorate of Education is working on this goal to inform more and more farmers about Ganoderma mushroom.


Ganoderma Mushroom Price 

The price of Ganoderma mushroom depends on its quality and size. Usually it is sold from 3 thousand to 10 thousand rupees per kg. The better the size and quality, the higher the price you will get.

Dr. Alankar also advised people not to eat wild mushrooms just like that, as they can be poisonous, so don’t eat them without checking.


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