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Agri Business: Godhan Emporium, Chhattisgarh’s unique mall, Women set up Agri-Business Model from Cow Dung

Women got employment and market.


Godhan Emporium | You must have bought clothes, vehicles, and expensive goods from the showroom, but now you can buy products made of cow dung from the showroom. Yes, there is no need to be surprised; it is true. The women of Ambikapur city of Chhattisgarh started the ‘Godhan Emporium’ in the city by adopting a unique agri business model.

Many products made from cow dung are being sold in this Godhan Emporium. These women have been running it successfully for the last three years. This is the first showroom of its kind, so people are attracted to it.

This innovative business idea of ​​women has worked, and people’s interest in cow dung products has increased. Getting many products made from cow dung under one roof will not only provide convenience to the people but will also increase sales.

Agri Business
Image Credit: DPRCG

Which products are being Sold?

The Godhan Emporium of Ambikapur City looks like a small shopping mall. From here, people buy things like cow dung wood, incense sticks, incense sticks for worship, havan, etc. Along with this, tubers are also found here. Vermicompost is also selling well, as people take vermicompost to their homes to put in pots. Not only this, but cow dung paint is also available here. This cow dung paint is exceptional because it can withstand temperature, so it is a good option to apply in summer.

Agri Business
Image Credit: DPRCG

Ghanjeevamrit is also being sold

This special showroom also sells the most important Ghanjeevamrit for organic farming. It is a kind of organic insecticide which kills insects without harming plants and fruits. Cow dung, gram flour, neem, etc., are used to make it. It is put in the plants before any pest occurs, so the crop is good, and the soil fertility increases.

Agri Business
Image Credit: DPRCG

Employment and Market

The success of this type of showroom is telling if this business model is adopted in other places as well. It will not only employ the people but also provide a market to those who make cow dung products unable to sell. You have to face difficulties. Along with making any product, it is equally important to find a market for it.

Agri Business
Image Credit: DPRCG

Good source of Income

In three years, an income of Rs 12 lakh 49 thousand has been earned from Godhan Emporium. 4 lakh 50 thousand in 2020-21, 4 lakh 87 thousand in the year 2021-22 and 3 lakh 12 thousand in the year 2022-23. The women working here are associated with self-help groups. Every month she earns up to Rs 40,000.

This type of business idea is really amazing, which will inspire others to come forward and promote natural products made from cow dung.

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