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Agri Business: How Telangana’s Woman Farmer Lakshmi got success

Good sales in Corona period, good profit


Gone are the days when farmers were limited to growing only crops. Now, they work from animal husbandry to poultry and food processing to earn more profit. Due to this, the economic condition of the farmers is improving. A resident of Guntipalli village in the Nalgonda district of Telangana, K. Lakshmi made her family financially prosperous through Agri Business and has now become a role model for others.

Dairy, Poultry, and Goat rearing with Farming

K. Lakshmi is a successful woman agri-entrepreneur who cultivates lemon along with paddy. Apart from this, animal husbandry, goat rearing, and poultry farming are also done. He is also aware of water conservation. Collects rainwater in a pond built in the field for later use.

Agri Business
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Along with this, animal dung, goat, and chicken feces are used as manure to make the soil healthy. This woman farmer aims to make farming easier and more profitable by increasing productivity and reducing climate risks.

Agri Business
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Guided Help

Lakshmi consults the officials associated with the ATMA. From time to time, they get information related to increasing the production of crops and improving animal husbandry. ATMA has helped them to create a local market for their products and earn more profit.

Family Support

During the Corona epidemic, her family supported her in farming and other work. During this time, she used to sell all the milk of dairy at a higher price, as people were reluctant to buy packet milk. Hence the demand for dairy milk increased.

They don’t have to spend anything on the fodder for the animals because they grow it for the animals in the field itself. She earned a profit of Rs 86,000 during the Corona pandemic. Presently she is selling eggs, meat, milk, and vegetables. Other fellow farmers and neighbors help grow the market by spreading the word.

Agri Business
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Set up your Own Local Market

During the pandemic, she reared indigenous chickens instead of broilers. She earned more profit from the sale of meat and eggs because the cost of eggs and meat of desi chickens is high. Every month an investment of Rs 20,000 made her earn Rs 35,000, which means she got a direct profit of Rs 15,000. By selling her products in the nearby areas, she created a local market on her own.

ATMA has honored Lakshmi at various forums for her contribution to agriculture and animal husbandry. She is a role model for other women as well as other farmers in the village.

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