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Agriculture Machinery: Know how modern machines of ‘Vanshree’

Making products with scientific method is a good option to earn more


Farmers do not get much benefit from traditional farming techniques. By using modern machines and scientific methods, your income increases manifold. The use of machines in farming and allied activities saves both labor and time. Along with this, the profit is higher due to the lower cost of work. Farmers can make a new identity like Mrs. Vanashree of the Chikkamagaluru district by engaging in allied activities along with farming.

Intercropping and modern machines

Mrs. Vanashree, a resident of Sringeri taluk of Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, belongs to a farming family. Even after being highly educated, she chose the path of agriculture. She has three acres of land in which one acre is a betel nut orchard. In between, she also cultivates bananas and black pepper. Along with this, on the rest of the land fruits, vegetables and fodder are grown.

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The field has tube wells and ponds for irrigation. Apart from this, there are many modern machines like chaff cutter (forage cutting machine), mechanized milking equipment (milk dispenser), solar dryer, mechanized dairy feed manufacturing unit (animal feed making machine), and mechanized organic manure mixing and bagging unit (natural fertilizer mixing machine). Mrs. Vanshree also took training to operate modern machines.

modern machines
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Features of the form

Here they have adopted hydroponics technology to supply green fodder in the off-season. It is an automatic milk dispenser, which not only cleans the milk, and also saves labor and time. They also have an automatic machine for making vermicompost.

• She also manufactures economical feed for pushes, which uses various cereal flours, mineral mixtures, and bio-enzymes. She sells it to local dairy farmers. She has also adopted scientific techniques to produce healthy bees.

• She uses solar or electric dryers to hygienically dry all seasonal fruits and farm produce.

• Promotes value addition of local fruits including Banana, Jackfruit, Pineapple, Mango, Amatekai, Bimble Huli, Lime, and Kokum. They are then used to make jelly, squash, juice, pickles, syrup, etc. Apart from this, she prepares and sells betel nut, black pepper, and flowering plants. Apart from this, they also grow seasonal vegetables for their own consumption.

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Good earning from the online sale of fertilizers, fodder, and value addition products

Last year, she made a profit of Rs 45,000 from the online sale of value-added products, Rs 10 lakh from the sale of 100 tonnes of manure rich in nutritious elements, and Rs 12 lakh by making animal feed. Her husband and daughter not only cooperate with Mrs.Vanshree in farming work. She also takes technical assistance from agriculture and related departments. Like Mrs. Vanshree, you can also earn good profits by using modern machines in various agricultural activities.


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