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Arka Vegetable Special was used in the cultivation of vegetables

Farmer Roshan Mattu's income increased with the use of Arka Vegetable Special, reduced the incidence of pests and increased yield


Brinjal is such a vegetable, whose demand remains throughout the year and people from almost every part of the country consume it. That’s why its cultivation is profitable and if brinjal is of good quality, farmers get good price for it. To improve the quality of Brinjal, ICAR-IIHR has made a special Arka Vegetable Special. This not only improves the quality of brinjal, but also reduces the incidence of pests and diseases. Due to this farmers are getting more yield. Roshan Mattu, a farmer from Mattu village in Udupi district, has benefited a lot from the use of Vegetable Special.

Arka Vegetable Special
Image Credit: IIHR

Follow the advice of scientists 

Roshan Mattu cultivates ‘Udupi Mattu Gulla Brinjal’, a variety of brinjal, in the rabi season on his half-acre land. In 2019-20, scientists of ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research) demonstrated Arka Vegetable Special in Mattu village under the Bhu Samriddhi Project and during this time Roshan Mattu came to know about its benefits. The Udupi Mattu Gulla variety of brinjal is light green in colour.

Then he interacted with IIHR scientists to know more about it and bought Vegetable Special from them. He planted brinjal seedlings in the field in October 2020 and kept a distance of 2.5 feet between plants and 3 feet between rows. He cultivated brinjal following the advice given by the scientists of ICAR-IIHR and following all the standards set by them.

Arka Vegetable Special
Image Credit: IIHR

Use of Vegetable Special 

To increase the yield of Mattu Gulla brinjal, Roshan Mattoo applied 75 grams of Arka Vegetable Special mixed with 1 sachet of shampoo and 2 medium sized lemons in 15 litres of water (at the rate of 5 grams per litre) four times in the field. He was in constant touch with the scientists and under the Bhu Samridhi project, scientists regularly visited his farm.

Yield increase 

Roshan Mattoo got 8 tonnes of brinjal crop from half an acre of cultivation. He got the price of this produce in the market at the rate of 4000 rupees or 80 rupees per kg for a bag of about 50 kg.

He was excited with the result of using Arka Vegetable Special, as he got excellent brinjals of large size with attractive colour and very less incidence of disease and diseases. Due to this, he got more yield and in the crop season of 5-6 months, he got an income of about 6.5 lakh 40 thousand rupees.

Arka Vegetable Special
Image Credit: IIHR

Before using Arka Vegetable Special, he was earning around Rs.5,36,000 i.e. after using Arka Vegetable Special, he got an additional Rs.1,04,000. Due to good quality, good price of brinjal is easily available in the market and the crop is also getting more. Light green coloured Udupi Matti Gulla brinjal is in good demand in the local market of Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gulf countries. It gets high price. Seeing Roshan Mattu spraying vegetable special in the fields, other farmers in the surrounding also came to know about it and now they too are inspired to use it to increase the yield. 

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