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Automatic Solar Light Trap: How to protect crops from pests?

Pest control without Pesticides.


Automatic Solar Light Trap | Crops are often badly damaged by insects. Many times the farmers have to bear heavy losses due to crop failure due to pests. That’s why most farmers use chemical-containing pesticides to deal with it. But, these pesticides harm the environment as well as the nutritional value of the crops.

In such a situation, to promote organic farming and to deal with the side effects of pesticides, Uttarakhand’s company Saaransh Agro Solutions has made a unique machine. Automatic Solar Light Trap, which helps in organic farming by eliminating pests without any chemicals. What is the specialty of the machine and how it works, Saurabh Kumar, associated with the company’s digital marketing team, spoke in detail to Sarvesh Bundeli, the correspondent of Kisan of India.

Useful for areas without electricity

Saurabh Kumar says that there is nothing in the automatic solar light trap that can harm the crop. It is fitted with a solar panel. Due to this, it will continue to work even in the absence of electricity and will protect the crops of the farmers from insects.

Automatic Solar Light Trap

Feature of Automatic Solar Light Trap Machine

Saurabh says that it has a 10-watt solar light panel, which charges the battery inside it. This creates a backup for the night. The blue-colored UV light in the machine attracts the insects and when they come near, they collide with the plates in front of the machine and fall into the box below. In this way, farmers can get rid of pests without any insecticide.

Attacks only enemy insect

Some insects cause damage to crops, which are called enemy insects, while some insects are necessary for the growth of crops. Saurabh says that the automatic solar light trap machine has been made only for the purpose of eliminating enemy insects. These insects are more active between 6 pm to 10 pm. That’s why the solar heat light attached to the machine automatically turns on as soon as it gets dark and turns off in the morning. This helps in controlling the enemy pest.

Automatic Solar Light Trap

Crop wise adjustments

Saurabh says that the length of each plant is different like vine plants are sprawling, while fruit plants are tall. In this case, the height of the machine can be adjusted according to whether the crop is vine or saplings, or big fruit trees. This means the height to which insects fly, the panel can be adjusted.

Further Saurabh Kumar explains that the facing of the panel will be towards the south direction and it can be placed anywhere. Saurabh says that some people think that the panel works only when there is sunlight, but it is not so. It needs light, not sunlight and it gets charged only by light.

Automatic Solar Light Trap

Warranty and Price

Regarding this unique machine, Saurabh says that farmers will get 5 years guarantee for this panel. While there will be a one-year guarantee for the battery, as it can get damaged due to sun, rain, etc. An on-off button is also provided behind the solar panel so that if one wishes, one can operate it manually. Well, it will not be needed. If a farmer wants to buy it, he can contact the company directly. Presently the price of this machine has been kept at 10 thousand.

Automatic Solar Light Trap

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