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Barren land made fertile with cow dung manure

Cost reduced, profit increased four times


In order to grow more crops and of good quality in farming, it is necessary to use natural fertilizers and what can be a better fertilizer than cow dung. Dung manure contains many nutrients, which help in the growth of plants. Not only this, it is so useful that it can make even barren land fertile and Vandana Kumari of Banka district of Bihar has proved this to be true.

How to make barren land fertile? 

Vandana Kumari, a resident of Banka district, is a progressive woman farmer. She keeps on doing new experiments in farming as well. Vandana Kumari, a post graduate degree holder, has 40 acres of cultivable land. When he started farming, the yield of the land was very less during that time. About 50 percent of the land was barren i.e. not cultivable.

To solve this problem, he planted mango plants on one hectare of land and used Cow Dung Compost. This resulted in good crop. In 5 years, he made 1.75 hectares of land cultivable by using cow dung manure. In this work, she got technical support from the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Banka district.

cow dung manure
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Increased profit 

Vandana’s hard work paid off and her farming cost was reduced and her productivity was high. This increased his profit 4 times. Vandana’s annual profit increased from Rs 30,000 to around Rs 3.5 lakh.

Benefits of using modern technologies 

To increase the income, it is necessary to reduce the cost of cultivation. For this, Vandana reduced her cost by adopting new farming techniques like ZTT, DSR, rainfed farming techniques.

cow dung manure
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What is Zero Tillage Technology (ZTT) ? 

Sowing the crop by zero tillage machine in one go without plowing the crop is called zero tillage technique. With the help of zero tillage machine, wheat seeds and fertilizers can be put in the fields simultaneously. With this method, it is easy to plant wheat immediately after harvesting paddy. Time is saved.

What is Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR) technology? 

In this technique, instead of preparing paddy nursery, the seeds are sown directly in the field. It is believed that by adopting this technique, the field does not have to be plowed much, due to which sufficient nutrients remain in the soil.

Importance of fertilizers in agriculture 

For a good crop, it is necessary to give high quality fertilizers from time to time and cow dung manure is considered very beneficial for good yield of the crop. You can also increase the yield of your crop by preparing it. How to prepare it-

Put cow dung, buffalo etc. in a big plastic drum. Then mix cow urine in it, as well as add bad jaggery. After this add ground pulses (spoiled or rotten) and sawdust to it and mix. Now mix this mixture well in 1 kg of soil. Mix all these ingredients by hand or with the help of a stick. Then mix it by adding 1-2 litres of water and keep it covered for 20 days. Keep in mind that it is very important to mix everything in the right quantity to make compost. According to agricultural experts, in 10 kg cow dung, 10 litres cow urine, one kg bran or rotten pulses and one kg jaggery should be mixed.

cow dung manure
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Fertilize before sowing

Cow dung manure should be used 3-4 weeks before sowing of crops. Cow dung manure is well absorbed in moist soil, so that its nutrients help in the growth of crops. Cow dung manure is very beneficial for vegetables and fruit plants.

In this way, you can earn double profit by combining both animal husbandry and farming and the cost of business will also be reduced. 

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