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Beekeeping can be started at a very low cost, Govt is promoting it too

Beekeeping is a good option to earn great profits 


Beekeeping is such a convenient source of income, which neither requires much knowledge nor much investment. It can be done easily along with other works, because here the work is done by the bees and the beekeeper benefits.

Initiatives like National Beekeeping and Honey Mission are transforming the lives of our farmers by helping increase their income. The main objectives of the National Beekeeping and Honey Mission are to generate income and employment opportunities for agricultural and non-farm households, encourage development of the beekeeping industry, promote agricultural and horticultural production and empower women through beekeeping.

Bees gave new identity to Tabassum

Beekeeping is easy and convenient, yet few people are involved in it due to lack of information and encouragement. In this article, we are going to tell you about a woman who has made a name in the valleys of Kashmir by beekeeping. Knowing how she stepped into the field of beekeeping and how it helped her to become self-reliant, you can get inspiration for similar initiatives.

Tabassum Malik, a resident of Sumbal, Bandipora, pursuing her MSc from the Central University of Kashmir, was dependent on her father till two years ago for her educational fees and her own pocket money. But now bees have given new identity to Tabassum. Not only that Tabassum is no more dependent on anyone by practising beekeeping, but she also manages her household expenses.

bee keeping

Faced social challenges but did not give up 

In starting any new and different work, there are some difficulties in the beginning. When Tabassum told her family about beekeeping, her family was not happy with the decision. Family did not like the idea that even after having a PG degree, Tabassum will be going out for beekeeping work. But once Tabassum started earning by beekeeping along with her studies, the family was happy and today the neighbourhood people also praise her.

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During her studies in the apiculture semester, Tabassum learned that even if she did not get a job, then also how can she do her own work. Just for your information, the process of beekeeping is called apiculture. We all underatdn that there are chances of loss while starting any new work. Something similar happened with Tabassum as well. Tabassum was deceived on the very first step and lost all her money.


Started with very low investment, Government gave subsidy

A similar change was brought about by beekeeping in the life of Ejaz, who showed a new path to Tabassum’s life. In 2010, Ejaz started beekeeping with 6 boxes. 6 boxes were given on subsidy by the Agriculture Department and they were also given training in beekeeping. He started it from zero and then involved his father and brother in this work. First crop sold for 75 thousand and today Ajaz has 850 boxes.


This business that does not require a lot of knowledge and does not require much investment. In the work of beekeeping, you just need to invest 5 to 6 hours per week, the rest of the work bee does itself. Due to the continuous demand for honey and having a large market, the beekeepers also get good and regular income. In such a situation, while promoting the goal of sweet revolution, beekeeping is also being encouraged by the government.

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