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Bhukripa Farms: How this Agri-Startup made a business out of hill produce?

Young Engineer Surat Rawat chose farming as his profession.


Agri-Startup Bhukripa Farms | As soon as students complete their engineering studies, where students struggle to get jobs in big companies, Suraj Rawat of Uttarakhand thought of doing business related to agriculture and his hard work and He also became successful on the strength of his dedication.

After doing mechanical engineering, why did he choose to set up an agri-startup related to agriculture, Bhukripa Farms? He discussed this in detail with Sarvesh Bundeli, correspondent of Kisan of India.

When did it start?

Suraj says that in 2019, when his mechanical engineering bus was about to be completed, he thought of doing business with a friend. He says that it was in his mind that a good business has to be started, and felt that Mushroom Processing Startup can be started in one to one and a half lakhs because the mushroom is a very innovative food of the twenty-first century. Is. This is how a company named Bhukripa Farms started in 2019.

Bhukripa Farms
Bhukripa Farms Products

Processed Products

He further says that when he started the business, he gradually realized that mushroom is a seasonal crop. So it is better to prepare its by-products as it spoils very quickly. In such a situation, first of all, his company made its pickle and people liked it very much. In market research, Suraj came to know that there is a lot of demand for it and people are liking its taste, so gradually reduced its price, so that everyone can taste it.

Pickle Category

Suraj Rawat says that he got a lot of benefits from mushroom processing. That’s why they launched pickles in four different categories namely Pahadi, Traditional, Special, Mushroom, and Pahadi Special.

Bhukripa Farms
Bhukripa Farms Product

Suraj Rawat is associated with the mountain, so he thought that something should be done for the people there. There is a lot of communication gap between the farmers and the traders due to which the farmers do not get the right price for the crop. In such a situation, his company buys crops directly from the farmers and gives a good price. Not only this, his mushroom farming idea is also beneficial for the people of the mountains, where wild animals can damage crops in the open fields. In such a situation, growing mushrooms in a closed room is a good option for self-employment.

Bhukripa Farms
Bhukripa Farms Product

Initiative to save Pahadi Products

Suraj says that his company is not only making pickles of mushrooms but also selling them to revive some mountain products like Thimla, which have reached the verge of extinction.

Cooperation from Agriculture Department and Offices

Suraj says that when he started the startup, there was a problem with marketing the product, but he got a lot of support from the Horticulture Department of Dehradun. Whenever he faced any problem in furthering his business, his difficulties became easier by taking loans and subsidies under some schemes of the government. Not only this, their products were sold in government outlets, got a chance to display products at government stalls, which helped a lot in marketing.

Bhukripa Farms
Bhukripa Farms Product

Message to Youth

Suraj says that if you want to start any business or work, it is important to start on time. Along with this, it is also important to maintain continuity. He says that he continued his work continuously. Did hard core marketing, dealt directly with the customer, and brought our company forward in 3 years. Today his company has an annual revenue of Rs 12 lakh, out of which 80 percent comes from revenue processing.

The protein content of Mushrooms

Suraj Rawat says that he grows Seasonal Mushrooms. Button, oysters, and milky mushrooms are cultivated in North India, which is done according to the season. The life of oyster mushrooms is only 2-3 days. In such a situation, they dry it and sell it in the form of powder. They say that dry mushroom is more nutritious. Ordinary 100 grams of mushroom contains 3 grams of protein, while 100 grams of dried mushrooms contain 30 grams of protein. Not only this, the oyster mushroom is also an excellent source of vitamin B12. It can be eaten in the form of powder mixed with flour, lentils, or any other thing.

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