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Carbon Composite Paper technology help keep fruits fresh for long

Fruit grower's partner becoming a wrapper of carbon blended paper


When you go to buy fruits in the market, you pick only fresh fruits after sorting them. Now the fruits are fruits, they are harvested from the gardens, packed, transported to the wholesale market and then reaches the retail fruit vendors, half of it is wasted in the process itself. In such a situation, the supply of fresh fruits is not available according to the demand, but this easy solution has come as a good news for all the producers, sellers and buyers troubled by this problem.

Indian scientists have discovered such a technique by which fruits can be kept fresh for a long time. A team of researchers led by Dr. P. S. Vijayakumar of the Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali has developed a composite paper made of carbon (graphene oxide). This paper can be used to keep the fruits fresh even after they are plucked. 

Get rid of toxic chemicals 

By the way, edible polymers, waxes are usually used to keep the fruits fresh, due to which there is a risk of many health problems. In such a situation, this compound paper developed by scientists leaves preservatives only when needed. The special thing is that this paper can be reused, which is not possible with other available techniques.

If fruits are not kept fresh properly, they spoil quickly. Because of this 50% of the fruit produced gets wasted, causing huge losses. In such a situation, this technique will prove to be very effective in the preservation of fruits.

Carbon Composite Paper technology help keep fruits fresh for long

This is how the graphene fruit wrapper was prepared 

First the molecules filled with graphene oxide are mixed with a preservative. This mixture is then poured into the paper used to wrap the fruits, ensuring that the fruit does not absorb the toxic substances. But when the fruit is overripe, in such a situation the graphene fruit wrapper automatically releases the preservative to preserve the fruit.

On the one hand, in the techniques used so far, where the preservatives are wasted along with the fruit in the process of dipping, these wrappers can be reused to preserve the next batch of fruits. This complete process description has also been published in the journal ‘ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces’.

Fruit quality will increase 

The food industry and farmers can also benefit from this technique of keeping fruits fresh longer. Also, by using this wrapper, the quality of the fruits will also increase. To make this graphene fruit wrapper, only carbon produced from the heat of organic matter (biomass) is needed. Because of this, it can also prove to be effective in increasing the consumption of biomass and promoting employment. 

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