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Contract Farming: Haryana farmer earns 80% profit of invested cost

Arun Kumar has been doing contract farming for 20 years, on the basis of modern farming earns up to 80 percent profit


New techniques adopted in modern farming

Arun Kumar says that he has been doing contract farming for 20 years and has not had any bad experience in the meantime. Contract farming has changed the picture of many villages along with theirs. 

Manauli is a village in Sonipat district of Haryana. The progressive farmer of this village, Arun Kumar has changed the picture of his village with tireless efforts. Today, Manauli village is known for its good quality sweet corn. This is the reason why Manauli is known as ‘Sweet Corn Village’. Also, the model of modern farming adopted by this village is an example for many. Arun Kumar, who has mastered modern farming for the last 20 years, gives a message to the youth of today to become self-reliant. Kisan of India spoke exclusively to Arun Kumar on his farming journey and farming model. 


Sweet corn cultivation started under contract farming 

Arun Kumar has inherited farming. After the death of his father, Arun Kumar, a diploma holder in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, ventured into agriculture in 2001. Arun Kumar says that one of his friends used to cultivate strawberries. It was he who advised the cultivation of sweet corn under contract farming. He told that when he started cultivating sweet corn in 2001, most of the farmers of the village were dependent on traditional crops like paddy and wheat.

Due to this, the exploitation of water was also very high. Arun Kumar likes to experiment in farming from the very beginning. Seeing his success in the cultivation of sweet corn, other farmers of the village also joined him. Then he formed a group of 10 farmers and started contract farming of sweet corn on a large scale. Per acre, 45 quintals of sweet corn began to be produced, the price of which was about 18 thousand rupees. Sweet corn started getting better price as compared to paddy. In this way, the inclination of other farmers of the village also started increasing towards the cultivation of sweet corn.

Contract Farming - Haryana Farmer Arun Kumar
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Sweet corn yields twice a year 

Arun Kumar says that the cultivation of sweet corn takes about 75 days. That is, the crop of sweet corn is ready in just 75 days. In this way, he started getting sweet corn crop twice a year. Apart from this, potato cultivation also started in the village. Adoption of crop rotation helped in farming. People from other nearby villages were also encouraged to see the success of the village in advanced farming from the cultivation of traditional crops. Today many villages around Manauli village are earning good income by cultivating sweet corn. Arun Kumar, who has been doing contract farming for many years, says that there was a demand for the production of French beans from another company. He also started cultivating French beans along with his companions.

Contract Farming - Haryana farmer Arun Kumar


Checques came to their village for the first time in 2001 

Further Arun Kumar says that before 2001, the people of his village did not even know what a checque was. Cheques arrived in their village for the first time in 2001. People did not have bank accounts then. Today everyone has bank account. One after the other, many private sector companies started contacting. Apart from sweet corn, French beans and potatoes, farmers also started cultivating broccoli and capsicum under contract farming. 

Contract Farming -haryana farmer Arun Kumar


New techniques adopted in modern farming 

Arun Kumar informs that many farmers of his village went to visit a farm in Raipur city of Chhattisgarh. Here he learned about the drip irrigation system installed by the company Netafim. After returning to the village, drip irrigation system was installed in the fields and started farming. From 2008 till now, farmers are cultivating by drip irrigation technology. 

Contract Farming -haryana farmer Arun Kumar


There are 50 polyhouses in the village 

Then by the year 2011, he also started adopting the techniques of protected farming. From Cucumber to colorful capsicum and many flowers like Lilium, Gerbera started being cultivated in the village by polyhouse technique. Tomatoes were also planted in the polyhouse last year. Tomatoes were sold at the rate of Rs 40 per kg. Today there are about 50 polyhouses in Manauli village. Every year a new crop is prepared. New innovations are adopted. 

Due to polyhouse, the yield of sweet corn is available for 11 months, cucumber for 12 months and capsicum for 8 months. Arun Kumar says that now 70 percent of the village’s land is cultivated for sweet corn and many types of vegetables, while paddy is cultivated in the remaining 30 percent. Due to this a lot of water is also saved. Along with conserving nature, the health of the soil is also good. 

Contract Farming -haryana farmer Arun Kumar


About 200 farmers joined the FPO 

In 2016, a Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) was formed in the name of Manauli Gram Sampada Farmers Producer Company Limited. About 200 farmers from 5 villages are associated with this FPO. In total, these farmers work in 2000 acres. So far, people from about 15 countries have come to see their farming model there. 

Roles in FPO are pre-decided 

Arun Kumar explains that all the farmers who are associated with his FPO, have their own specialty. The work is divided on that basis. Many are associated with crop management, so many see the work of how to implement subsidies and schemes. At the same time, youth are engaged in marketing work. Arun Kumar said that going forward they aim to take their products to the international market. His son is with him in this goal. Arun Kumar’s son has done B.Tech in Food Technology. 

Contract Farming -haryana farmer Arun Kumar


More than a thousand farmers work in a polyhouse

Arun Kumar says that some of today’s youth shy away from farming, but the youth of his village are taking the yield of many crops from protected farming. No youth from the village went to another city in search of job. A significant number of people work daily in the polyhouse itself. In this way, due to the employment opportunities around, the trend of youth has increased in agriculture. Classes and training sessions are organized in the villages to encourage the youth towards farming.


Contract farming for more than 20 years 

Arun Kumar, who has been doing contract farming since 2001, says that today about 10 companies take goods directly from the fields. Produce is sold in well-known companies like Azadpur Mandi, Reliance Fresh, Mother Dairy and Milk Basket. Arun Kumar says that he has been doing contract farming for 20 years and his experience has been very good. Contract farming has changed the picture of many villages along with their village. He says that there is no problem of finding the market in contract farming. A farmer just has to focus on the quality and production of his produce.

contract farming


Up to 80% profit 

Arun Kumar says that the way a soldier is on the border, a farmer also works in his field in the same way. He told that there is no unemployment in his village. No one is sitting idle. Everyone is engaged in farming work throughout the year. Arun Kumar told that modern agriculture has given him a lot. They get a profit of up to 80 percent of the cost.

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