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Before starting dairy business, Geetanjali took special care of these things, annual profit of Rs 9 lakh

Dairy units set up on a small scale with the help of their deposits and family


Geetanjali Behera, a resident of Khairabad village in Jajpur district of Odisha, has been involved in the traditional dairy business for almost five years. She has a total of 4 acres of land, in which her house and gaushala are also built. They were not earning well from dairy business and income was also not regular, as the cow did not give milk throughout the year. In such a situation, Geetanjali had to struggle a lot to run the family. She also used to do sharecropping farming to meet the expenses. But after coming in contact with the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, she got the means to grow and increase her earnings and today she has become a successful dairy entrepreneur. 

Participated in training programs 

The scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra told her that in 2002 a milk chilling plant of OMFED was installed in Dashrathpur village, about 30 km from his house. In such a situation, in view of the increasing possibilities in dairy business, the agricultural scientists first advised them to participate in the training program organized on Dairy Farming and Milk Value Added Products. 

Geetanjali attended training and was in constant touch with the livestock department of KVK. The scientists would regularly visit their dairy unit and give them necessary advice and information. They were given training in increasing milk production, value addition products of milk, management of dairy unit, fodder cultivation, artificial insemination techniques of animals etc.

 dairy business

Number of cows increased from 2 to 18

She made the initial investment for the dairy unit only with the help of his deposit and family. Then Krishi Vigyan Kendra helped him financially in building a cowshed for 20 cows. After taking training he bought 2 cross bred cows from Salepur in Cuttack district and sold his desi cow. Now he has 18 cross bred Jersey and Holstein cows. Apart from this, she also cultivates fodder on one acre of land.

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How much do you earn from dairy business? 

Geetanjali Behera used to sell milk only in her village earlier, but now she is selling more than 120 litres of milk daily on a large scale. She sells 90 litres of milk at the Kuakhia collection center to the state-run OMFED, earning her around Rs 2,000 per day.

Apart from this, she earns Rs 680 per day by selling around 20 litres of milk in the local market at Rs 34 per litre. She earns Rs 2500 by selling 6-7 kg of paneer every day. In this way, her daily earning is Rs 5000 and after deducting the cost, she makes a profit of 2500 rupees every day i.e. about 75 thousand per month and she is earning 9 lakhs annually.

 dairy business

Becoming an inspiration to other women

Earlier, she could barely run her household, today she has become a source of inspiration for women of the area by earning a profit of lakhs of rupees and farmers come to visit her dairy unit. Other dairy farmers are now adopting his successful model and doing animal husbandry. Geetanjali Behera and her entire family are grateful to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Jajpur for this success, because all this became possible only with their help. Geetanjali has received many awards for her contribution to the dairy business. He has also got the honour of Best Dairy Farmer.

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