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Dairy Farming: Meet Omvir Singh, owner of an organic farm

Apart from dairy farming, he advises farmers on organic farming, poultry farming, mushroom production


Omveer Singh has built the business of Dairy Farming on the basis of his hard work. Today people from far and wide come to learn tricks of dairy farming from him.

26 November is birthday of Verghese Kurien, the father of the White Revolution in India. The result of the mission started by him is that today India is the largest milk producing country in the world. India alone accounts for 23% of the milk production in the world. Dairy sector also contributes 5 percent to the economy. More than 80 crore farmers and livestock farmers have a hand in taking the dairy sector to this point today. One of them is Omveer Singh, a resident of Bhagwanpur Bangar village in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. Omveer Singh is a well-known name of his area in Dairy Farming. Today people from far and wide come to seek his advice. He has built his business with hard work. In a conversation with Kisan of India, Omveer Singh shared his experiences related to dairy farming.

More than 100 indigenous cows of Gir and Sahiwal breed 

Omveer Singh took training from Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Center (AC&ABC) after taking post graduate degree in Animal Husbandry. After training, Omveer Singh laid the foundation of the dairy with a loan of Rs 5 lakh from State Bank of India under the AC & ABC scheme. The name of his dairy is Jaivik Farm. In a special conversation with Kisan of India, Omveer Singh says that milk is such a product, which is needed in every household and every family. Today, in his dairy, he has reared more than 100 indigenous cows of Gir and Sahiwal breed.

Omveer Singh said that milk of both these breeds is of very good quality. Gir cow’s milk is rich in medicinal properties. Gir’s milk and butter get good price in the market. Referring to the Gir cow, Omveer Singh further explains that in the Vedas, it has been said that there is a Suryaketu pulse in the spine of this breed of cow. Due to this pulse, the milk of Gir cow becomes more beneficial for health. Some part of Suryaketu Nadi comes in their milk. This milk reduces the risk of developing cancer in the body and increases immunity.

Gir and Sahiwal are the best breeds

Omveer Singh says that Gir and Sahiwal cows are the best among indigenous cow breeds. Their milk production is good. Their maintenance also does not cost much. In an organic farm, a cow produces 12 to 15 litres of milk per day. That’s why Omveer Singh chose these two breeds for dairy farming. He had another motive behind choosing dairy farming. He said that this is not only good from the business point of view, but you also get the opportunity of rearing cows.

Demand for milk not only in the country but also abroad 

He worked on the field to take his dairy to next level. The demand for their milk increased not only in the country but also abroad. So far, they have exported to 13 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. For this he has tied up with a company.His farm’s milk is sold at Rs 80-100 per litre in the country and Rs 300 per litre abroad. Omveer Singh said that Corona definitely affected his business, but now his next goal is to take it to a bigger level.

So far more than three thousand farmers have joined 

Omveer Singh not only does dairy farming, but also does organic farming, mushroom production and poultry farming. He has grown many crops along with strawberries in his fields. Omveer Singh says that if organic fodder is not available for cows, then you cannot call your product as organic milk. Therefore, the fodder given to the cows such as gram, millet, barley, etc., are grown by them in their fields. So far more than three thousand farmers have joined them.

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Advises farmers on dairy farming, organic farming, poultry farming, mushroom production 

Omveer Singh gives consultancy to the farmers regarding the tricks of dairy farming, cultivation of fruits and vegetables, poultry, mushroom production. Fully assist in setting up the unit. To make farmers aware about where and how to sell their produce further. Today the farmers of his area are earning good income under his guidance.

Working towards promoting dairy farming, honoured with many awards 

Omveer Singh has also been honoured with many awards for his contribution in the agriculture sector. He has also worked with IT company HCL Technologies to provide assistance to milk producing farmers under the HCL community. Omveer Singh says that he will work with HCL on the mission to further promote dairy industry. A large part of rural India is dependent on dairy farming. Still, many farmers of these areas have to face many difficulties in getting the market.

In 2017, the HCL community, stepping into the dairy sector, took the responsibility of identifying and enabling such farmers and is continuously working on it. The HCL community aims to create a sustainable model for the development of dairy farmers across the country. HCL Community is a program of HCL Foundation, which works for the upliftment of farmers.

What is Omveer Singh’s advice on dairy farming? 

Omveer Singh advises people interested in dairy farming that if you are thinking of opening a dairy, then choose indigenous breeds as they are the best. They give good milk production and their milk is also beneficial for health. The milk of indigenous breed cow gets good price in the market. Further Omveer Singh says that there is immense potential in this field, but you have to be engaged with all your heart. You have to work on the field.

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