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Dairy Farming: Kalu Yadav’s milk production is higher than indigenous cow rearing, marketing is the key

It is a good option to start animal husbandry with desi cow


Are you also thinking of starting animal husbandry business for extra income but don’t understand how to start or how to take care of cow, what to feed them? So to solve this problem of yours, Kisan of India correspondent Pankaj Shukla reached Lucknow’s New Haiderganj area and there he talked to Balkishan Kalu Yadav, a cattle farmer who runs a successful dairy farm. Animal husbandry is being done by Balkishan for generations and he himself is also engaged in this work since childhood. He is telling how dairy farming started, how to take care of cow and if a new person wants to do animal husbandry then how should he start.

Cows of all breeds 

Balkishan, who has been serving the cow since childhood along with his father and grandfather, says that there are cows of every breed in his dairy. There are cows brought from Muktsar in Punjab and Rajasthan, as well as they have prepared an improved breed by taking good care of the heifer of the house. Balkishan Kalu Yadav says that now high quality milk is produced in his dairy farm. They are earning good profit from dairy farming business.

Dairy Farming

Cow feed 

Although green fodder for the cow is considered more nutritious, but due to its availability and high price everywhere, not all livestock owners are able to buy it. Balkishan says that he feeds his cows with animal feed available in the market. Green fodder is very expensive, due to which the profit becomes very less.

dairy farming

Pay special attention to the health of the cow 

Balkishan says that if you are rearing cows, then you have to take special care of the cleanliness of their living space. Cow dung and cow urine should be removed from the cowshed from time to time.

Along with cleanliness, sprinkle lime every week or month at the place where the cows are kept. The cow is a very delicate animal, so they are prone to early diseases. In such a situation, there is a need to take good care of the cow. Timely vaccination is essential. There is also a system of free vaccination to animals by the government. The doctor should be contacted immediately if the symptoms of the disease appear.

Pregnant cow care 

Balkishan says that pregnant cows should be taken more care of. He gives more green fodder in animal feed to pregnant cows after 4 to 5 months. Also, after 15 days, give 250 grams of ghee or mustard oil. Feed is reduced, as the feed is hot, which can harm the baby, while the green fodder is cold and it meets the calcium requirement of the cow.

dairy farming

How to increase milk quantity to calves after birth? 

If you want the cow to give more milk, then you have to take more care of them and give nutritious fodder. Also need to feed more vitamins. Balkishan says that oil and berseem are the best sources of vitamins for cows.

Cow care in cold weather 

If a cow is too skinny, then in the cold season, she wears a sack. In addition, around his living space kindle fires. Jaggery-oil is cooked and fed, which gives them energy. According to Balkishan, indigenous cows are less sick and easily adapt to the environment. They do not give much milk if they are not taken care of properly.

dairy farming

That’s how marketing is done 

Balkishan says that instead of giving milk from door to door, he gives milk at the sweet shop. Supplying milk at the shop fetches good price and money is also available in cash, which makes it easy to buy cow’s feed and water.

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Identify disease by looking at cow  

Balkishan explains that just as a doctor can tell that he is sick by looking at a person’s face, in the same way he can tell that the cow is sick by looking at the cow’s face. If the cow is lethargic, not eating the fodder properly, then first of all check its fever by putting a thermometer. In case of fever, give medicine on the advice of the doctor. Apart from this, he also keeps many other medicines.

 dairy farming

How to start? 

Balkishan advises new cattle breeders to start with a desi cow. Before that you learn to raise dung, take care of a cow and extract milk by working in a dairy. Starting a dairy farm without experience can lead to failure. 

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