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Dairy Farming: Left job of teacher and started dairy business, know how you can also open dairy on a small scale

Started a dairy unit by buying a cow


Women have always been a major participant in the dairy sector and animal husbandry. Now a large number of women are joining the dairy sector and running dairy business on their own. One such woman is Gurvinder Singh, a resident of Rupnagar, Punjab. Gurvinder has three acres of land, in which she does farming related work. Before taking up farming, she used to teach in a private school as a teacher. MA and BEd degree holder Gurvinder worked as a teacher till 2014. But she always had a dream to start her own business. She decided to leave the job of teacher and take up farming. 

In today’s date, she cultivates crops like wheat, maize, rice, moong in her 3 acres of agricultural land. Apart from this, she has also reared three Sahiwal cows. They give their finished produce directly to the customers.

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Started a dairy unit by buying a cow 

Apart from cultivating many crops, Gurvinder also thought of trying her hand in the dairy sector. She participated in a training program organized by the Dairy Development Department. In this program she learned about various aspects of dairy farming including selection, housing, feed, breeding and scientific management of dairy cows. It was only after this that she ventured into the field of animal husbandry. She started her dairy unit with a Holstein Frisian cow. She adopted scientific methods of dairy farming. This increased the milk production. 

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Connected technology to dairy business 

Whatever Gurvinder learned during her training, helped increase her income. This helped boost her morale and then she decided to take it to next level. She bought a chaff cutter, a milk dispenser and a silage unit. To date she has 4 more Holstein Frisian milch cattle. They produce 90 litres of milk daily from there. She sells this milk to the people of the village including Verka Dairy. 

Gurvinder Singh has become an example for the farmers of her area. She proved that one can enter the dairy business even from a small scale. It is also important for her to enter this field only after adequate training. With the right guidance, mentorship and use of technology, the dairy business has the potential to bring huge benefits to the farmers. 


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