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Dairy farming started in garage, earns lakhs per month

Rahul, who opened the first dairy in his area, know how the dairy sector can become a profitable deal (Investment In Dairy Farming).


More than 80 crore farmers of the country are associated with the dairy farming. Dairy farming alone accounts for 5% of the country’s economy. The credit for this goes to every animal farmer who is promoting the dairy sector. One of them is Rahul Sharma, a resident of Madhya Pradesh. Rahul has been associated with dairy business since last three years and the credit goes to him for establishing the model of dairy farming in his area. Rahul Sharma is a resident of Sorampura village in Raghogarh tehsil of Madhya Pradesh. In conversation with Kisan of India, he mentioned many important things related to the dairy farming. Before starting the dairy business, cattle rearers think that if the number of cattle is more then the production of milk will also be more. But it is most important to have proper knowledge of proper management, maintenance, investment and marketing of cattle in dairy industry. In this way, even with less cattle, more production and good profit can be earned. Rahul Sharma spoke in detail on all these aspects.

Made people are now aware of opening dairy farm 

Rahul has reared 10 cross breed buffaloes in his Shri Maharaj Dairy Farm. These buffaloes produce about 70 litres of milk daily, including both morning and evening. A buffalo gives 6 to 7 litres of milk. In a conversation with Kisan of India, Rahul Sharma said that even today he has only his own dairy farm in Raghogarh Tehsil. Very few people in his area saw dairy from the point of view of business. But now things may change. He opened a dairy farm in his tehsil and told people that animal husbandry and dairy can become a good industry. Rahul Sharma is encouraging many people, especially the youth, to join the dairy farming.

Dairy farming

Left private job and chose dairy sector 

Rahul comes from a farming family. His family has been associated with farming and animal husbandry. For this reason, from the beginning, he was attached to agriculture and animal husbandry. Rahul, a diploma holder in mechanical engineering, also worked in the private sector for a few years, but with the aim of doing something for his village and increasing the income of the farmers, he chose the dairy sector.

Garage converted into dairy farm 

Rahul Sharma ventured into dairy business in 2018. Rahul says that it is not necessary to invest all the money at once on a large scale to get into the dairy business. He didn’t spend money to build the farm. There was an old garage in the village itself, which was converted into a dairy farm. Set up a dairy farm with an initial investment of 1.5 to 2 lakhs. Used his savings to open a dairy farm. Bought two cross breed buffaloes for 60 to 70 thousand. Raised the height of the garage, and made many other necessary changes. Rahul told that the cost of a cross breed buffalo ranges from 60 to 80 thousand rupees. It gives at least 10 litres of milk a day. Rahul tells that there is such a buffalo in his farm, which gives up to 14 litres of milk in two times.

Dairy farming

Joined the migrating people in his business 

Rahul Sharma is handling the reins of this Dairy Farm along with his younger brother. Rahul says that the people working here have an important role in the operation of the dairy farm. From selling milk and its by-products, to feeding and maintaining the buffaloes, the people of the farm work hard. Rahul says that it was always puzzling in his mind that the people of the villages are migrating to the cities in search of employment. Staying away from home, he is earning 300 to 400 rupees a day from wages. Rahul connected people who were moving to the cities in search of work. called back home.

Added many farmers of tehsil with him 

Rahul buys milk directly from cattle rearers. Rahul says that government procurement of milk also takes place in his area. They give higher price of milk to farmers as compared to government procurement. This is the reason that about 250 farmers of Raghogarh tehsil are associated with them. About 125 liters of milk comes to his farm from Sorampura village alone. On the other hand, about 1200 liters of milk is collected per day from the farmers of about 15 to 17 villages of Raghogarh tehsil. Rahul tells that now the number of milch animals is increasing in his area. Now farmers are looking at animal husbandry not only for their household needs, but also from the point of view of additional income.

Dairy farming

Appreciation for his efforts in dairy sector 

The milk of his dairy farm is sold in the market at the rate of Rs.50 per litre. Many by-products like paneer, buttermilk are processed and prepared in the farm itself. Mawa is also made on order. Impressed by Rahul Sharma’s efforts in the dairy sector, former cabinet minister and Raghogarh MLA Jaivardhan Singh has also praised him. 

Dairy farming

Do not invest on a large scale in the beginning 

Advising people interested in dairy business, Rahul says not to invest on a large scale in the beginning. Do not lump together the cost of the project. Don’t spend a lot on setting up sheds. Invest with 50:50 ratio i.e. carry backup amount with you. Rahul says that profit in dairy business depends on the efficiency of production. Your profit is not determined by the kind of shed you have built. Dairy farming can be started even with raw shed.

Dairy farming

Invest in dairy business with complete preparation 

Rahul also explained in detail the maths of investment in dairy business. He said that if the cost of your project is Rs 10 lakh, do not invest it in one go. In the initial 6 to 7 months, the ability of cattle to give milk is good. It seems that good profits are being made. But after a time, the ability to give milk starts decreasing, due to which the production of milk starts decreasing. A time comes when the milk stops completely. Then there is no money to buy new cattle.

Rahul says that initially out of the project cost of 10 lakhs, invest 4 to 5 lakhs on dairy business. As soon as the milking capacity of a cattle starts decreasing, you should have enough money to buy another cattle. Due to this, the daily production of milk will remain correct. In today’s date, Rahul Sharma gets a direct profit of Rs. 1 lakh to 1.20 lakh per month from dairy business.

Pay attention to choosing the right breed 

Rahul says that many dairy farms get closed because they spend lakhs of money in the very beginning to build sheds. Rahul told that it cost him about 50 thousand to get the shed of the dairy farm built. Had they got the shed designed separately, Rs 4 to 5 lakh would have been spent. Therefore it is important to choose the right breed of cattle without paying too much attention to the construction. If the cattle are good then the production of milk will increase. For this, pay more attention to the maintenance of cattle.

What are the things to be kept in mind in the maintenance of cattle? 

Rahul says that in summers more has to be paid for the maintenance of the cattle. There is a possibility of decrease in milk production in summer itself. Take bath four times a day in extreme heat. He has installed coolers in his farm, so that the inside of the farm remains cool even when the temperature rises. Rahul says that it is very important to have the right diet in the maintenance of buffaloes. They feed their buffaloes with oil cake, corn, bran, wheat shell and grains. He himself grows the grains given as fodder to the cattle in his own farm. Along with this, they also take care of cleanliness in the farm. A man has been engaged separately for cleaning the farm.

Dairy farming

Take care of cleanliness while milking 

It is also necessary to take care of the cleanliness of milk while extracting milk. Rahul says that it is specially taken care of in his farm. Hands are thoroughly washed before milking. The udder of buffaloes is cleaned thoroughly. Then the process of milk extraction starts.

Fresh milk is delivered to the customer within an hour 

Fresh milk is delivered to the customers within an hour of milking. This is his USP i.e. Unique Selling Point. That is how they have made dedicated customers and won their trust. Rahul says that nowadays milk is adulterated, milk is cooked and Coll down. Chemicals are also added to prevent it from exploding. Raw milk from their dairy reaches directly to the customers without being processed. 

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