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Donkey Farming: Young Man built India’s largest Donkey Farm

This school dropout from Tamil Nadu became a successful entrepreneur by selling donkey's milk.


Donkey Farm and Donkey Milk Business | Many animals and birds like cow-buffalo, goat-pig, and chicken-quail are reared. But only some people rear donkeys in the dairy sector. In ancient times, the donkey was used to carry goods, but few people know that the donkey/donkey is a very beneficial animal and more profitable than cow-buffalo.

A resident of Vannarpet, Tamil Nadu, U. Babu started a donkey farm and earned a good profit. Today he is the owner of the biggest donkey farm in the country. Let us know how profit can be made from donkey farming.

Donkey Farming
Image Credit: agrifarming

Beginning of Donkey Farming

U. Babu may not have completed his schooling, but he had the qualities of becoming an entrepreneur since childhood. That’s why he chose an out-of-the-box business and opened Donkey Farm. U. Babu and his team participated in the Entrepreneurship Development Program at ICAR-National Research Center on Equine. Where he acquired technical knowledge about donkey and donkey rearing, not only this, ICAR-NRCE also provided him with Poitu donkeys of the advanced breed to set up a donkey farm.

The name of U Babu’s donkey farm is The Donkey Palace and despite many challenges today he is the owner of the largest donkey farm in the country. Donkey’s milk is very beneficial, but a donkey gives less than one liter of milk for six months. You. Babu got success in this business with his hard work and dedication.

Donkey Farming
Babu U – The Donkey Palace (Image Credit: ICAR)

About 5000 donkeys on the farm

Today U. Babu is successfully running the country’s largest donkey farm, where he is rearing around 5000 donkeys. He has about 75 franchise farms. Along with the Donkey Farm, he also established a ‘Conservation, Recreation, and Awareness Center named One Health-One Solution’ for the conservation of donkeys. Its purpose is to promote donkeys’ contribution and value in society and the economy.

Selling these products

U Babu sells donkey milk as well as donkey milk powder. Also its dung is used as manure. Its urine is purified and used in making Siddha medicine and in the pharma industry. You. Apart from conserving the native breed of donkeys, Babu is also working to increase its prestige in the society.

Donkey’s milk is rich in nutrients

Cow, buffalo and goat milk business has become common, but do you know that donkey milk business can make you a millionaire in a short time. Yes, while the milk of cow, buffalo and goat is sold for 50 to 90 rupees per litre, you will be shocked to know the price of donkey’s milk. One liter of donkey’s milk is sold for Rs.7000.

Actually, donkey’s milk has many nutritious elements as well as anti aging properties, due to which it is used in many beauty products. You. Babu also sells donkey’s milk to several cosmetic companies.

Donkey Farming
Image Credit: ICAR

Good for Health

Donkey’s milk is also beneficial for health. According to a research, such nutrients are found in donkey’s milk, which can also provide relief from problems like blood sugar level, blood circulation, and inflammation. Along with this, people who are allergic to cow-buffalo milk can also consume donkey milk.

The proteins found in donkey milk have antimicrobial properties, which provide relief from stomach problems. Donkey’s milk is also used in making many types of medicines.

Inspiration for Youth

Due to the medicinal properties and nutritional value of donkey milk, its demand is increasing all over the world, in such a situation donkey farming can prove to be a good business model for the youth and the way U. Babu has achieved success in this field, surely she will act as a source of inspiration for the youth.

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